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Lupita Nyong’o Teaches Important Lesson on Chasing Your Dreams

Google knows everything about Lupita Nyong’o. If you have ever searched for Lupita’s name on the internet, you’re suddenly overwhelmed with information that may take hours to finish reading. But, Google had little on Lupita when she first joined the entertainment industry.

The actress started her life in Kenya even though she was born in Mexico. Hollywood may have elevated her career to a new level, but her journey to stardom started with hard work and perseverance.

She has the support of her family at the time when she was only a struggling actress, and she is grateful for the love she received on her journey to stardom. Her family followed her to her first premier and have been around to support her since she embraced fame. Lupita had a boisterous personality while growing up, and she brought some of her fearlessness and valiance to some of her characters.

She has grown from a 14-year-old Juliet in Romeo and Juliet’s play to Nakia in Black Panther. Today, everyone who watched her on drama sets is proud of who she has become in the industry.  Lupita is not intimidated of her movie role because of her pleasant, diligent, humble and hypnotizing personality. Lupita is worth over $8million and makes most of her fortune from acting and endorsements.

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