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Ozuna’s Taki Taki Breaks Justin Bieber’s Record for Most Viewed Youtube Video

Ozuna has only been in the music industry for a short time, but the talented artist has amassed a net worth of $3 million thanks to all the back-to-back hits he has given us. Ozuna is a name synonymous with determination and power, as proven by his inspiring success story. Few knew who this reggaeton artist was until he beat Justin Bieber’s record for the most viewed video on YouTube.

With a melancholic voice that resonates in his love songs, the artist took a slow and steady rise to stardom. The artist’s debut album titled Odisea stole the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Latin Albums chart, making him a musical sensation overnight.

Fans love what his unique twist on lyrics to make his songs more interesting. Ozuna has eight singles and a debut LP that got a billion YouTube views. Of course, Selena Gomez, DJ Snake, and Cardi B’s collaboration with the singer in the hit song Taki Taki helped propel the dance number to new heights of success.

Ozuna is grateful to all the people who believed in him and supported him when he came out with the song. The singer achieved fame in less than a year because of his massive involvement with social media. Ozuna dreams of recording with Romeo Santos in the future, and with all the milestones he has achieved so far, who wouldn’t want to work with him?

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