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42 Incredible Celebrity Mansions – See Who’s Living In Style & Who’s Just Wasting Money

Anderson Cooper — The Hamptons, Est. $3.1 Million

As a renowned journalist, author, and television host, Anderson Cooper has notched up a huge sum in his bank account. Flipping homes worth millions of dollars has never been a big deal for him. His current nest in the Hamptons is one of those English-style cottage homes that has an old world charm, and that makes the residence stand out in the neighborhood. The current market value of the property is approximately $3.1 million, and we heard that Cooper has made up his mind to sell it off. Anderson has had a flourishing career with the CNN and has hosted a number of talk shows. He has been the moderator in a debate between the current United States president Donald Trump and his prime opponent during the presidential elections, Hillary Rodham Clinton. We guess he is eyeing at something bigger and better. Plain Anderson things!

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