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These Gorgeous Wives of Pro Athletes are a living proof that behind every successful man there’s a strong woman

Julianne Oser – Kareem Hunt

Once a promising football player and rising star of the field, Kareem Hunt, can kiss his career as Kansas City Chief running back goodbye. Videos recently surfaced of him getting into a physical altercation with a woman outside of his hotel, where he can be seen assaulting her. Hunt, who started playing for the NFL in 2017 entered the scene with his then college sweetheart, Julianne Oser, who stood by his side on his first draft day. The two met in college while he was playing football at University of Toledo and she was cheering on the sidelines, literally, as one of the University’s cheerleaders. As of now, the two are no longer together and we can only imagine what she is thinking or saying after this violent video surfaced.

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