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Celebrity Kids With The Biggest Bank Accounts

Let’s be honest, “born with a silver spoon” doesn’t work anymore — celebrity kids of today’s generation are born with a golden spoon. More often than not, sons and daughters of multi-millionaires have not one but two celebrity parents. In which case the combined net worth of both parents together becomes quite huge. No wonder these kids will always have an impressive bank account whether they are themselves successful in their profession or not. In fact, the next few generations will never have any financial crisis to worry about. Let’s find out some of the luckiest kids in the world right now!

Blue Ivy Carter

The hottest couple in the music industry has a combined net worth of about $1 billion now. Yes, Beyonce and Jay-Z are a billionaire couple. No wonder, little Blue Ivy was born into incredible luxury and comfort. Apart from having exotic holidays and traveling in a private jet, what else is the kid entitled to? Something, all kids yearn for – extravagant birthday parties. The themes were jungle island, Frozen, and many more. But what got our attention was the gift Blue Ivy got from her parents on her first birthday. It was a diamond-encrusted Barbie doll worth $80,000! They spent a total of $200,000 on that birthday itself. Yes, that’s how lavish her parties are, and we’re awestruck!

Suri Cruise


Not too far behind is Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter. Since childhood, Suri has been the subject of the media mainly because of her tasteful fashion choices — paparazzi followed her everywhere. Eleven-year-old Suri is entitled to her parents’ wealth who have a combined net worth of close to $500 million. Her second birthday was a grand affair, we hear. Her parents spent $100,000, out of which $5000 was spent on just the cake. While we won’t know where they got the cake from, the food was from Wolfgang Puck, and it cost the couple $45000. Though her initial years were extravagant (she was even known to have a shoe collection worth $150,000!), we hear her mother wants her to have a normal life now. Her wardrobe has been given a makeover, and designer items had to go to make way for clothes that are more suitable for her age. Well, that’s a good bit of parenting from Katie Holmes!

North, Saint, And Chicago West

Rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the hottest couples on Instagram. The couple has a net worth of close to $335 million, and apparently, they love spending as much as they love earning. They have three kids together now — the youngest, Chicago, was born this year, and Kim went all out to make a $550,000 worth nursery for the newest addition to the family. Even before, the couple has been known to splurge on anything their hearts desired. In fact, they had bought a $62,000 diamond studded Tiara for North, their eldest. We have also heard that Kanye has plans of giving his daughter $10 million once she turns 21. But somehow, our gut feeling tells us, just like her mother and aunts, she will start earning in millions even before she is 21!

Jaden And Willow Smith

Will Smith is undoubtedly one of the most popular and highly-paid actors in Hollywood. The Smith family live in a palatial mansion in Calabasas that is worth $42 million, and the house is so huge that it has its own pin code! Now that’s impressive! Once, he was the Fresh Pince of Bel-Air, and now, he is the prince of Calabasas. No wonder his kids got royal treatment while growing up. Not only are they entitled to a huge inheritance on account of their father, both kids have already made millions out of their own ventures. While Jaden is an actor who debuted in The Pursuit Of Happyness, Willow is a singer.

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz And Harper Beckham

The Beckham kids need no introduction. They are famous not just because of their glamorous set of parents – David and Victoria Beckham — they are doing quite well themselves. Together, the celebrity couple has a net worth of over $700 million now. We hear the couple spent close to $200,ooo for Brooklyn’s sixth birthday. Brooklyn is 19 years old now and owns a number of luxury cars including a swanky Mercedes, a Land Rover, and a new BMW. Harper is always seen in designer clothes, and her parents even spent $80,000 on her first birthday.

Hollywood is a place of conflicts. While there are parents who spend millions on their kids for luxury, there are also celebrities who want their kids to have a normal life, away from the glares of the flashes. Some even go on to take summer jobs. It is hard to decide who is doing the right thing. We just hope the kids turn out to be compassionate and creative!

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