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42 Incredible Celebrity Mansions – See Who’s Living In Style & Who’s Just Wasting Money

Jim Belushi – Est. $27.995 Million, California

The actor that made movies like K-9 and Curly Sue greatly deserves as much money in his bank account as he can possibly get. He may not have had a very successful love life since he’s gone through two divorces in the past, and now, he hit a rough patch in his marriage with Jennifer Sloan. But he sure knows what he’s doing in terms of finances since he owns a house that’s worth almost $28 million. That’s not even the best part, however, since he initially intended for it to sell for around $42 million. Now that he’s reduced the asking price by a huge margin, we’re hoping that someone will finally grab this offer. As you’d expect from a property this expensive, it’s massive and covers an area of 14,371 square feet, ensuring the most extravagant lifestyle possible.

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