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Six Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before Moving In Together

When you have partner, it’s natural to desire a blissful and happy life together, especially when you both decide to move in together. But before doing so, it’s important to first discuss one of the most important aspects which you can’t overlook — finances. Even if it’s a sensitive topic, money plays a big role in all relationships, and it’s a necessity that you ask basic money questions before you two start living together.

Ask several questions to your partner before you move in together

Whether it’s a new relationship or you have stuck on to each other for a long period of time, your individual financial conditions is likely to have an impact on each other. The impact may be a good or bad one, but it’s beneficial to have open discussions on a regular basis concerning finances. To start off, be calm while sitting down with your companion and put the following six questions in front of them:

What are the different financial goals that you have set?

Don’t hesitate to ask your partner about their financial goals

While this question can cover a broad area, your money goals can speak volumes about your compatibility. By striking up a conversation regarding financial goals, you can figure out specific areas which need your attention, and gives you both the opportunity to chalk out the best ways to support each other irrespective of whatever stage or position they are in.

What’s your debt repayment plan, in case you have a debt?

Every individual holds different opinions on whether or not it’s a good idea to date someone with debt. The fact of the matter is, it’s a personal choice. Debt might prove to be a big-time deal breaker while some might be unperturbed by it. It doesn’t matter what your view on relationships is, but it is absolutely imperative to know whether your partner is in debt or not. And in case they have one, you need to calculate the steps that need to be taken to pay the debt off for good.

How did your parents handle their money?

Asking your partner about how they take monetary decisions is important

No one is born with the knowledge of handling money. In that case, your parents are literally the brightest examples of how to go about it because they’ve had years of experience in their kitty. Plus, their monetary decisions had a great impact on you as a child. In case your partner isn’t able to handle their money efficiently, having full knowledge about their background can help you realize your partner’s opinion about finance.

What are the career goals that you have set for yourself?

Your lifetime earning is highly dependent on what plans you’ve set for your career. Your career goals will decide how much earning capabilities you have as a couple. In addition to that, your companion may come up with any with career goals that probably might need an important investment like aiming to be an engineer, a doctor, a college professor, or in that case, an entrepreneur.

What are your priorities while spending?

Understand your partner’s spending priorities

Every individual comes up with different ideas to use their extra money. It’s always easy to judge a person’s spending ways if it doesn’t comply with your very own priorities. This is the reason why it’s a complete necessity that you stay honest with each other regarding what’s valuable to each of you.

How can you manage your finances together?

Regardless of the stage in which your relationship is in, you need to manage your finances together. Even if the relationship is not that serious and it’s just a casual affair, it’s imperative to have a discussion on your plans to manage your finances since you and your partner will be sharing many expenses together.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to hurry with these questions right now. Take your time and approach everything one step at a time. You might sometimes feel like carrying more financial load on yourself than your partner — this can lead to bitterness and indignation. But a healthy discussion on money management can play a major role in you two having a happy and a financially sound future. Remember, there has to be a level of compatibility and understanding that you two need to share. Only then, the aforementioned questions can be put forward, and money issues can be resolved with ease.

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