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How Yoga Can Be A Game-Changer In Your Work-Out Routine

Did you know June 21 has been declared International Yoga Day? Unlike several other fads that come and go in the wellness industry, yoga is here to stay. And in case you are wondering, it is not something new and trendy, it has been around for more than 5000 years now and has scientifically-proven results. Well, that says a lot about it. Unlike popular beliefs, yoga is not just your everyday exercise routine, it needs a collaboration between mind and body, and thus helps in the overall psychosomatic development. Here are six reasons you should start yoga right away!

Improves Bone Structure

Yoga is a great way to work out your body. It builds our bones (and improves bone density) and muscles, too. In fact, there are many yoga poses that are similar to weight-bearing exercises. It can indirectly protect your body against osteoporosis which happens because of weak bones. It also aids in posture improvement which will prevent stooping in old age. Aside from these, yoga helps you lose a lot of calories and depending on the yoga pose that you do, even more calories than a regular work-out. Did you know that practicing the sun salutation position for half an hour can help you lose even more calories than when you play tennis?

Improves Body Coordination

Yoga improves flexibility and also helps the body have balance. This is crucial for aging people. It makes you more aware of your body and makes you react faster. A scientific study has proven the benefits of yoga especially for aged people or those who have problems maintaining balance. The goodness of yoga also fights chronic pains like a migraine or knee pain and helps you sleep better at night.

Fights Depression

Just like after a rigorous work-out, yoga triggers our body to release the happiness-inducing hormone called endorphins. Aside from that, by doing yoga (and of course, following every instruction properly for every pose), you are training your mind to meditate and enter a state of calm. And wouldn’t it be a proud moment when you finally master a difficult position after trying and practicing it for a while? Hence, we can say that yoga puts us in a happier state of mind and thus, fights depression. It also relieves the mind from stress which consequently helps fight anxiety.

Helps In Digestion

There are yoga poses for various kinds of health conditions, and practicing them does yield results. But the most common condition people all over the globe suffer from is indigestion. There are a few postures that can be practiced in the morning and after having a meal. This will definitely help you digest your food properly as well as improve your digestive system. A 2015 study from the UCLA shows that patients with irritable bowel syndrome found a lot of relief after practicing yoga for six months. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to take antacids and other medicines with side effects when you can simply eliminate indigestion by doing yoga.

Keeps Your Mind Sharper

Lifestyle and wellness trainers can’t stress enough on the importance of doing yoga to keep your mind sharper — more so for senior citizens. With the increase of dementia among the aging population, yoga can be helpful in keeping the mind free of stress and making it sharper. It has been proven that yoga improves brain function.

Never A Boring Moment

Our exercise routine is usually limited to working out at the gym, running, swimming, or doing aerobics. But yoga has numerous variations, and there are different levels to suit everyone from beginners to experts. If you want to control and relax your mind, you can do Raja Yoga; if you are more inclined towards strength training, try Ashtanga Yoga; in the mood for some cardio, do Vinyasa – there are options galore!

As you can see, it is a great work-out routine, and one of its kind. Another good thing about yoga is that it teaches us how far you can push yourself and honor your limitation. Hence, there are lesser chances of injuries or hurting yourself. It helps you attain your inner peace which, in turn, helps you be more patient, level-headed, and calm in every situation. If you’ve always wanted to try it, you can go to yoga classes for beginners or even look for videos on YouTube for free! As you can see, there are so many pros about yoga that it is hard to stop talking about it, and we will end this piece with one more thing it does. With all the flexibility and breathing techniques, it is bound to improve your performance in the bedroom!

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