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Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Insecurities, How They Almost Ended Her Career

Most celebrities worked hard to achieve success and fame and some of their personal battles included struggles with insecurity, anxiety, nervousness, and inadequacy that often come hand-in-hand with stardom. Anne Hathaway was no different when she first entered the entertainment industry. The beautiful actress had a hard time climbing up the ladder due to constant criticism and comparisons with her female peers. Hathaway eventually made her way into our hearts when she starred in The Princess Diaries in 2001.

Anne revealed her early career days were challenging because of her anxiety and insecurity. She took many missteps at the beginning of her career because, in her pursuit to become the onscreen persona everyone admires, she lost her own identity and didn’t know who she was or what she wanted anymore. The actress’ battle with anxiety pushed her towards making healthy lifestyle changes. She changed her diet completely and tried to quit all bad habits including smoking and drinking which eventually helped in calming her nerves.

One Christmas, she barely ate anything and smoked entire packs of cigarettes to keep her weight down because she wanted to look slim for the awards season. Her unhealthy decision resulted in a dramatic weight loss but it also affected her lungs and made her more addicted to smoking. The next time she lost weight was for her role as a young orphan in Les Miserables.

However, the actress has learned over time to take care of herself and not compromise her health for the sake of her career. Maturity taught her several ways to stay above her detractors and transform into the woman she is today.

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