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These A-List Celebrities Have The Best Wheels – See How Your Favorite Celebrities Are Getting Around Town


Katy Perry may be the poster-artist for bubblegum pop music, but she personally seems quite reserved in her spending habits – at least when it comes to her cars. She owns a pink Smart car that seems to suit her style. Her luxury car is an Audi A5, which, while not cheap by common folk standards, at $60K it is insignificant for celebrities. Maybe Katy listens to her financial advisor instead of the little voice in her head, telling her to buy a Ferrari! Instead, she spent half a million in 2014 to buy five electric cars from Fisker Karmas for her assistants. Apparently, she wanted them to use these eco-friendly cars so that they can help in keeping the environment cleaner. How wise of her! Let’s hope she stays like this and use her money diligently, unlike other Hollywood A-listers.

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