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42 Incredible Celebrity Mansions – See Who’s Living In Style & Who’s Just Wasting Money

Anthony Geary — Est. $950,000, Los Angeles

If you’ve seen the 1989 film, UHF, you’re probably familiar with Anthony Geary. He’s quite the talented actor, not to mention one of the most popular, and is known mostly for his role in General Hospital where he aced the character Luke Spencer. Throughout his career, he received eight Emmy awards, so it’s pretty easy to deduce that he’s an actor who’s worth his weight in gold. He found a great way of accentuating his wealth despite being in retirement at the age of 71 — real estate. In fact, he made quite a sizable profit from his house in Los Angeles. He made the purchase back in 1892 at around $262,500 but ended up selling it for a considerably higher price of almost a million dollars. Surely his estimated $9-million net worth has seen an increase after that.

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