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These Celebrity Kids Look Just Like Their Parents – Try Not To Get Confused When You See Them Side By Side

Jason Ritter And John Ritter

John Ritter is perhaps best known for his role in Three’s Company. Apart from acting in television, he has also appeared in films, theater and Broadway shows. John died in 2003, the initial reason being a heart attack, however, it was later found that it was an aortic dissection. John died on the operation table and his wife Amy Yasbeck filed a case against the doctors. Lawyers from both the sides fought hard, however, the jury concluded that the doctors were not at fault. The Ritter family won quite a few million in lawsuit though. Jason has taken after his father in the movie industry and has been nominated for an Emmy, an Academy Award, and a Behind the Voice Actors Award.

Bindi Irwin And Steve Irwin

Bindi Irwin is the eldest child of Australian conservationist Steve Irwin and his wife, Terry, who is the owner of the Australia Zoo. Bindi became a conservationist and TV personality like her famous father at a young age. She was 9 when she started hosting her own documentary show called Bindi the Jungle Girl. Bindi and the rest of the Irwins are working hard to promote wildlife conservation. In 2015, she won Dancing with the Stars season 21. In 2019, Bindi and her athlete boyfriend, Chandler Powell, announced their engagement via social media.

Jennifer Aniston — John Aniston

Jennifer Aniston reached the pinnacle of stardom when she played the role of Rachel Green in the popular sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and her stardom reached a whole new level when she got hitched to Brad Pitt. Jennifer, however, would also be remembered as the daughter of the veteran actor, John Aniston, who is of Greek descent. Jennifer has inherited the good looks of her father as well as his enormous wealth. She is a super-talented actress who has maintained a good credit score through thick and thin, and we think she has learned the Mediterranean weight loss secrets from her father, too.

Jason Connery And Sean Connery

Throughout his life, Sean Connery has had but one child, his son Jason from his marriage with Diane Cilento. Their union lasted from 1962 to 1973. Even though Sean’s footsteps are incredibly hard to follow, Jason has not been doing bad for himself within the industry at all. On top of Sean’s good looks having been passed down to Jason, he also inherited his famous father’s immense talent. Ever since the ‘80s, when he first started acting, Jason has had the opportunity to appear in various series like Doctor Who and Robin of Sherwood. Jason recently acted in the 2019 film called The Untold Story.

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