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Katy Perry Once Bought This STUNNING $200,000 Gift For Russell Brand

Love can make you do unimaginable things for your partner. When you fall in love with the right person, you stop living just for yourself and start sharing your wealth with the person you love. Once upon a time, Katy Perry fell head-over-heels for Russell Brand who swept her off her feet and the two told each other, ’till death do us part.’ Unfortunately, the vows didn’t last for long, neither did their marriage. But while they were together, the lovebirds were intoxicated by each other, so much so that they gave each other lavish gifts and over-the-top surprises. In 2010, Perry gave Brand a $200,000 Space ticket on his 35th birthday.

Richard Branson was taking passengers for his company Virgin Galactic’s new space voyage and it cost a whopping $200,000 to leave this earth.

But, the space project didn’t succeed, neither did the couple’s marriage. Do we say it is a colossal waste of money? The couple married in 2010 and divorced in 2012, so in a way, this entire marriage was a huge financial loss for both parties.

Perry is currently engaged to Orlando Bloom. We don’t know if Branson will offer us another opportunity to leave this planet, and if Perry will think of sending Bloom to space too. However, we know that she is reconsidering getting married again. It has almost been nine years since she got divorced and she believes she is ready to settle down once again.

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