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Here’s How You Can Help Save The Environment in 2019

Rapid and unprecedented changes in climatic patterns and gradually rising temperatures worldwide might be a reason to be worried about the planet we live in, but there is still some hope alive. Across the world, people are taking amazing initiatives and inventing newer ways to save the environment, and if you are keen on battling climate change, you can do your own bit or find some inspiration to be a part of the global movement, too. Here’s how you can possibly save the environment this 2019, as an individual or as a part of a community or a business entity.

Adopt Green Farming Techniques

If you are into farming and you are concerned about ecology, you can adopt the no-till farming technique to farm and earn in a sustainable manner. Tilling is the process farmers around the world have traditionally relied on. As you know, tractors are used for preparing the soil ahead of the planting season. However, tilling causes damages to both the soil as well as the environment as the soil is left exposed to erode. With disruptive farming technologies, you can just bore through the soil and plant the seeds. This increases the water retention capacity of the soil and you need less water for irrigating the crops. Generally, having a backyard vegetable garden is considered as an eco-friendly initiative as you get all the vegetables you need from your backyard only, but what kind of farming or gardening technique you use matters the most.

Switch To A Vegetarian Diet To Save Money And Environment

Recently, the BBC reported that a family of four people emits more greenhouse gases (these are the gases that are able to trap heat) from the meat they consume than driving two cars. Red meat, as most cardiovascular disease experts agree, is a major cause of various heart diseases. If you switch to a vegetarian diet, you can keep those cardiovascular diseases at bay for many years. However, there’s another unsung benefit of switching to a vegetarian diet. Cultivating farm animals for procuring meat roughly contributes to fourteen percent of total CO2 emissions. If you choose a vegetarian diet, or even better, a vegan diet, you can significantly reduce your contribution to global CO2 emissions. Vegetarian diets are rich in saturated fat and fiber and are effective in the prevention of cancer and many more diseases, too.

Join The Tiny House Movement

Contrary to popular beliefs, the global tiny house movement is not just meant for tiny people. Followers of this movement have increased in numbers by leaps and bounds. The Department of Land Quality of Oregon state conducted a study recently which proved that nearly ninety percent of the ecological impact of a house comes from the utilities used. The smaller your house is, the less energy you will need to adjust the temperature of the house or to illuminate it. Additionally, if you choose to build a smaller house, you need fewer materials for building it. Tiny houses are houses with a floor area of 100-400 square feet. Moreover, you need a fewer number of gadgets that run on fossil fuel in a tiny house. While it is obvious that you can contribute to nature by moving into a tiny house, it is also true that you will have to spend more of your time outdoors. This implies that your physical activities would increase which would help you in preventing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and various other health conditions.

Be A Citizen Activist

As a citizen activist who cares for the environment, you can take small steps to set examples. First off, try to reduce the daily use of gadgets and electrical appliances. If possible, switch off the HVAC system during the summer months. Try to use solar panels instead of using electrical appliances. If you use solar energy at your home, you may be entitled to get tax benefits.

What it takes to save the environment is the right attitude. You can become a source of inspiration for your family, friends, colleagues, and your community. There are quite a few non-profit organizations working towards the cause of saving the environment, and you can help these organizations in myriad ways to save the environment. Be an active part of the solution!

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