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42 Iconic Celebrities From The Golden Age That Are Still Alive – For Them Age Really Is Just A Number

David Prowse — Born 1935

You probably won’t recognize David because his most famous appearance in a movie occurred while he was wearing a mask the whole time. However, this man is responsible for the epic childhoods of almost billions of people due to his role as Darth Vader from Star Wars. David Prowse is now 83 years of age, and although he was supposed to hit retirement officially during January of 2018, he did so a little earlier due to some health concerns. After offering so much to the entertainment industry, he deserves an excellent rest with the wealth that he’s acquired. Signs of aging are quite visible on David at this point, and we hope that he’ll live out the rest of his days smiling while recalling his days as the powerful Vader.

Jacqueline White — 1922

Jacqueline never had a much-prolonged career, but the impact she had on her fans was immense. Being a UCLA student, her performance in Ah, Wilderness! led to her screen test and later on, her first appearance on the big screen with Song of Russia in 1944. Her portrayals in movies like The Narrow Margin and Crossfire are well-remembered until today. Her talent and beauty were mesmerizing, and she started ruling people’s hearts in no time. Though Jacqueline had all the traits of a superstar, she took up retirement when she was still in her hayday, and the 95-year-old now just eases up at her retirement home.

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