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How To Save Money And The Environment While Traveling

Knowingly or unknowingly, you are affecting the environment in some way or another, and most of your daily activities do have a negative impact on nature and increase the carbon footprint you leave behind. Many articles on oil spills, depletion of natural resources, and global warming are doing the rounds these days to make you aware of what the consequences can be. It’s not difficult to find out ways to help nature while you are at home. But is it possible to contribute something towards the environment while you are on a vacation? Of course, it is. How? Read the tips below.

Go For A Light Baggage

You know you will be charged extra by most of the airlines if your baggage is more than 50 pounds. Why shell out an extra amount? Pack light as much as you can. There is no point in stuffing your bags. Instead, select a few items and put them in a carry-on bag and travel freely without having to pay an extra amount. If all the passengers on a flight do this, the environment will definitely benefit from this. The load will be reduced and the airplane would have much better fuel efficiency. When you are on a road trip, carrying light luggage will help your car save gas. Choose those clothes and shoes that you really need. If you are an avid reader, go for audio books or e-books instead of lugging around big paperbacks.

Carrying A Reusable Water Bottle Is Always Helpful

You will need a lot of drinks while you are traveling. A water bottle is an essential item in your backpack. However, if you carry an aluminum water bottle, you can fill it up every time you are thirsty. This is a great way to avoid buying sodas and sugary drinks. Firstly, these drinks are not all healthy for you, and secondly, you will be disbursing excess bucks on such useless items. Bringing a reusable water bottle will always help you cut down extra expenses and stay healthy.

Do Not Opt For A Maid Service While At The Hotel

If you decline maid service while you are staying in a hotel, you will help in the reduction of electricity, chemicals, water, and other resources that are utilized by the hotel, of course, aside from saving money. Several hotels are aiming to go green since doing so has given them tons of financial benefits, not mention approval and admiration from customers. Hence, they are encouraging their guests not to avail housekeeping. Many hotels are also offering vouchers for each night so that you skip housekeeping.

Turn Off All The Appliances Before Leaving A Room

In case you are not aware of this, turning off all the lights and pulling out plugs before you leave your hotel room or homestay will mean that you will be using less energy which is obviously good for the environment. It’s not rocket science — when something isn’t in use, switch it off. There’s no point in leaving appliances switched on when they’re not being used for something. Also, it would be even better if you can switch off the main water line, too, whenever you leave to avoid any unforeseen water disasters.

Encourage Hotel Owners To Offer Green Amenities

If you let the manager at your hotel know that the prime reason you chose their hotel was its green amenities, you will be encouraging the management and staff to contribute towards making some significant changes to their hotel with the environment in mind. If the demand for green hotels grows, you will find more and more hotels joining the group and will continue following the trend once reservations go up.

Dine At Local Eateries

Places which attract tourists charge high prices for food and gifts. For instance, if you are in Disney World, you will be surprised to know how much the eateries snowball their prices. for average food Ask the locals and they will tell you where to find good food at cheaper prices. Same goes for your shopping. And it’s definitely better if you bring your own eating utensils, especially when you find yourself in eateries that provide plastic knives and forks.

Now you know that going green doesn’t cost much. Imbibing eco-friendly habits is good for your pocket and the environment as well. You would also get to contribute towards building and sustaining a greener world. As you already know, being eco-friendly has many financial dividends too which you can reap. So, get going as soon as you can.

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