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A Glimpse Into Some Of The Most Unique Hobbies Of Billionaires

Robert Frank, who hosts CNBC’s Secret Lives Of The Super Rich, probably has the most coveted job anywhere on television. The award-winning journalist is considered an expert on the wealthiest people in the world. He joined CNBC in 2012 and has been doing a great job as the host of this show.

But is it a novelty in this age of Instagram, Snapchat, and telephoto lens? Well, we, regular folk, are still suckers for all kinds of news related to the rich, especially about their wealth. So, instead of drowning in our sorrows for not being able to repay our student loan, we take pleasure in watching the million-dollar interiors of a celeb’s house or their latest luxury car, dreaming and hoping that we can someday experience the kind of life they have. To satiate this, here are some of the most unique hobbies that the world’s billionaires have!

Collecting Beetles

While most billionaires will have a stunning car collection or several luxurious properties, David Rockefeller, grandson of the oil tycoon John Rockefeller, had a beetle collection. Though he passed away in 2017, his beetle collection can still be seen at the Harvard Museum of  Natural History. It is known that he conducted expeditions to far-off places — even in Asia — to increase his collection. It is amazing to see how passionate he was about this type of creepy crawly and how he pursued it with not just his wealth but his everything!

Flying In Hot Air Balloons

The founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, is a regular on social media. It seems that the billionaire businessman has a love for all things that fly. Apart from being the owner of an airplane company, Branson also loves to fly in hot air balloons. He is known for his love for adventure, and that might be the reason why he even crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon back in 1987. After that, he also crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1991. At a time when most of us would have been afraid to travel long distances in balloons, he showed the world that it was possible. He even took Janet Jackson up in the air in a balloon once!

Searching For Rockets

Did you ever think about where those rockets that landed in the ocean go after being in space for a while? Well, turns out Jeff Bezos, the richest person on Earth, also thinks a lot about it. His favorite hobby is to look for rockets in the ocean. Aside from rockets that came from space, Jeff even searches for ones discarded by NASA which are often found in the ocean. Well, who else would have the resources to look for discarded rockets than the billionaire who owns Amazon? Way to go, Bezos!

Collecting Books And Playing Tennis

The erstwhile richest person on Earth, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has various hobbies, and that comes as no surprise. He once confessed on Reddit that he loves to play tennis and bridge when he does get some free time. He also loves to collect books. Considering the number of books he reads every year, we wonder how his library looks like. Gates doesn’t bat an eyelid when he wants to get his hands on some pricey stuff. For example, he once bought an original manuscript by Leonardo Da Vinci for $30.8 million. While these may not be unusual hobbies, it’s certainly unusual for someone as rich as Gates to enjoy such simple activities — but to each his own!

Collecting James Bond Mementos

Guess which billionaire loves James Bond? None other than Elon Musk, of course! The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has a thing for James bond memorabilia, and he would leave no stone unturned to get a few of them in his possession. For example, he paid almost $1 million for the James Bond submarine car from the movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. He wanted to make a real submarine car out of it. Though the idea was super cool, it hasn’t turned into reality yet, but who knows what will happen in the future?

Billionaires don’t just spend their money buying extravagant things and living a decadent life — they also have a few constructive hobbies that keep them busy during their spare time. But, of course, they have the money to enjoy the more expensive hobbies.

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