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Here’s How You Can Live the Lavish Lifestyle You Never Thought You Could!

For us regular people, who aren’t multi-millionaires, it is natural to envy those who live a lavish lifestyle. So much is our scorn that we discuss how distasteful it is to flaunt wealth in the face of the public. However, deep down we all know the truth – if we had half a chance to live in the shoes of the rich, we would snatch it up in an instant! So, in the spirit of indulging in some flaunting and fooling around, here is how you can experience the pleasures of wealth at a fraction of the cost!

The Wheels

The ultimate symbol of status and wealth is none other than the flashy car. You certainly aren’t going to get very far fooling anyone into thinking you’re rich if you don’t own a swanky car. So to tick this accessory off the list, you have to turn to a rental company.

You would imagine that the pedals of a Mercedes Benz S Class, Jaguar F type, or even a Lamborghini Gallardo are something that would touch the soles of your shoes only in your dreams. But thanks to Turo car rentals, your dreams can now be a reality! Impressively, Turo rents out luxury vehicles at 35% cheaper prices than that offered by traditional car rentals.

The Wardrobe

In case anybody missed watching you step out of your sleek and smoldering hot set of wheels, you can win the wealth-game by donning a slick suit. Of course, we know the kind of imagery that springs to mind when suit rental is mentioned – oversized, shiny nylon, stained and even mismatched, but not anymore! These days, suit rentals come in a luxury form, like that of Yardsmen, or The Black Tux. This lets you rent high-end offerings and luxury tailoring. This leaves you feeling right at home in the fanciest of dinners or parties! There’s no better way to feel like a new man than to throw on a sickeningly expensive suit!

The Hand Gear

There’s nothing like a Rolex to tell the world that you’ve gone big! A luxury watch is the next status symbol after the flashy car that defines the wealthy! If you didn’t know about it, there’s a luxury watch rental company that you can subscribe to. This lets you wear a range of luxury watches on your wrist over the year! Look to companies like Eleven James for expensive timepieces every three or so months, and have people wondering when you won the lottery! Of course, there are more short-term options available, like Mr. Woolfie, without a subscription necessary.

The Private Jet

Budget airlines are known for the drunken holidaymakers, pepped-up kids, and the unavoidable cramp, but if you have a little more cash stashed for you to splurge on an experience that will have you feeling like an A-list celebrity, then maybe you should dive! Victor is the solution. This private jet marketplace offers a wide variety of luxury aircraft. However, the trick to getting almost 75% off your booking is pinpointing the flights that are returning empty, after someone books a one-way flight. Hello, jet-setting on a budget!

 The Private Island

Once an experience reserved for the elite, booking a vacation out on a private island is now easy and accessible – not to mention, affordable. Lift the slider a notch or two on your next Airbnb search and take a good look – you may be pleasantly surprised! There are decent pieces of paradise available for booking and they don’t ask for an arm and a leg, either! Who said you have to be insanely rich to enjoy a rustic cabin in the best of Canada or a cozy Belize lodge? You’d better grab your travel luggage!

So in the name of flamboyancy and all things indulgent, spare some of your hard-earned cash on spoiling yourself to a taste of luxury lifestyle through the cheapest of routes possible – rentals! What better way to make your visualization exercises more effective than to live the life you want to lead, right? Well, if not, just for the hell of it – take your pick and have fun fooling the world (or yourself, if you will!)!  

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