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Which is More Important: Money or Fame?

The views people hold about money and fame have always been shifting over time and have left many with the question, what is more, important for people next to air?


photography-spotlightFame, according to its definition, is when a person is popular and gets recognized by others for their skills or excellence. While some might want a lot of attention, others are content with staying low-key and private. But what does fame gives to those who are in the race to get it?

Fame usually leads to what we understand as a celebrity-like lifestyle. It gives people a sense of importance because of the massive attention, love, and support they receive from the public, thus giving them a sense of security, care, well-being, and luxury. It is only natural to have the desire to be famous because everybody craves attention and social acceptance. However, some people use this to boss people who are less famous around, especially those who seem like a threat to their sense of importance. There’s a rise in the number of bullies and those people with high levels of insecurity against others.

But fame isn’t always as negative as this. Fame, for most, is also when you receive applause for a job well done. It is also a form of self-satisfaction and social acceptance. It is important for people when their hard work is being acknowledged and they receive recognition from it. You can also define it as a way of life where you can lead by example and leave a positive impact on society. For instance, living a life where people look up to you and know that you will be around if they need some help or guidance, is a positive aspect of fame!  In other words, being famous does not always mean being in the limelight, on magazine covers, or trending on social media. It is about building an identity for yourself!


While money cannot buy everything, it is essential for survival. However, money also tends to harm people. For instance, the quest for luxury, shopping for mood upliftment, or just splurging to show you are better off than others are some of the darker sides of wealth.

One can say that money is the root of all evil if we let it control us. However, if you are spending wisely and have complete control over your finances, you can put it to good use. For instance, you can support a child’s education, provide for your family, and take care of their needs. Besides this, you can also invest in your career or save for your retirement. It can get you everything from that dream vacation to medical insurance if you plan it right!  Because money doesn’t grow on trees, like fame, it needs to be earned. And if you are fortunate, do not hesitate to be generous and bless others with it.

The Co-existence of Money and Fame

While the popular connotation is that famous people have money and vice versa, it doesn’t have to be that way. If historic evidence is to go by, there have been several popular personalities, who did not have ample wealth. Similarly, not all wealthy people are popular too. One name that will pop instantly in the mind of everyone when we speak of fame without money is Mother Teressa. The saint was famous for devoting her life in service to mankind and working for the cause of the less fortunate. Examples like her are dime a dozen, which goes on to prove that money and fame can exist without each other, unlike popular belief.

Final Note

bank-note-dollars-moneyWhile both money and fame have both negative and positive effects, their implications change with the intentions of the person.  Both money and fame can corrupt a man’s character or can help them flourish if used well. However, we can say that they both can serve as extrinsic motivation for people and give them a sense of satisfaction.

While recognition always plays an important note, it does not always have to come with wealth. Neither does one measure success by the applause and cheers you earn by fame. Success is when you live a meaningful happy life and produced a life-long legacy into the world.

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