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Five Best Sustainable and Green Cities Around the World!

Global warming is real, and no matter how much you are in denial of it, you will have to do your bit to reduce the damage to the planet. If you read any newspaper, magazine, or social media posts, you will understand how environmental awareness is catching. The world is waking up to becoming more environmentally conscious. But what does it take to be more environmentally friendly? An environmentally friendly lifestyle is one that does not harm the planet.

It also means increasing efforts to boost awareness towards the environment and help in its overall wellbeing. You can call a city green and eco friendly if the civic authorities encourage people to lead a more sustainable way of life and do their best to make it a greener city. The cities may implement more bike lanes or walk lanes, have community parks, have quality water standards, and more. Let’s find out more about the top five cities that make the world a greener place.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, AustriaMost of the city, by that we mean at least fifty percent of the city is green. And most of the city’s inhabitants use public transport instead of using their own. There are many city parks and walking paths where people can go from one place to another, not by walking instead of taking vehicles’ help. There is a national park too at the outskirts of the city.

The citizens and the government’s collective efforts are making this city a green place to live in. When it comes to creating benchmarks for public transit, Vienna holds its place right up there, with almost the whole city using the transit pass to travel around the city.

Berlin, Germany

Germany has an interesting take on enabling citizens to abide by their environmental-friendly civic laws. Sustainable lifestyles also include recycling and reusing greywater for watering gardens. It also increased the petroleum tax to discourage pleasure driving. Berlin is famous for its interactive green tours.

This encourages people to know about the city and the biodiversity and gives information on maintaining the same. It is interesting to note two of the cities on this list are in Germany. It just goes to show that in matters of preserving the environment, they are certainly doing it right.

Munich, Germany

Munich, GermanyMost green cities encourage citizens to walk around, and Munich finds itself in the most walkable cities in the world list. Also, the rapid-transit systems help reduce car ownership in the city for the future. It has the best air quality in the world despite the mobility and industrial advancements. Recent investments in mobility infrastructure investments such as the amazing U-Bahn rapid transit system will reduce car ownership percentage in BMW land in the future. Devoid of pollution, it gives the adage breathe easy a whole new meaning.

Sau Paulo

Another megacity has more than 20 million inhabitants and uses the most renewable energy. Also, it has thriving farmers’ markets, almost 200 of them, which reduces carbon emissions from agricultural transport. Since 2014 it has stepped up its efforts in improving the public and non-motorized transport facilities.

Well, we have a lot to learn from these cities. And the simple thing would be to follow what they are doing and implementing the same. Fool-proof green strategies like these would help our world in every possible way. Finally, it is also our duty as citizens to help the government create strategies and implement them.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, SpainMadrid isn’t only breathtaking, but it is also one of the greenest cities around. The city makes generous investments in infrastructure to help blend architectural wonders and plant life. Everything around Madrid has an environmental-friendly take. Even the street-lights are being upgraded to become more energy efficient. When you save energy, you save the environment, simple things that are adding up to make a big difference.

We often don’t take things seriously until it meets disastrous consequences. Recent pandemic situations have emphasized the importance of climate change more than ever. We have to own up to the horrific reality of climate change. It is gripping our daily lives and while urbanization is a must, doing it in a more sustainable is what we should aim at. It is the only way we can move forward and make the world a better, greener place to live in.

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