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Living A Van Life? Here Are The Things You Cannot Live Without (But You Actually Can)

When you are out on the road and living a life of your own, you might feel like explorers. You are always learning things about yourself that you didn’t know earlier. You realize new aspects of your lives. Those who live in vans have a lot to boast of. Van life is probably what you always wanted since it has gifted you with abundance. However, a few lessons have always kept you grounded and made you realize certain things you cannot live without. The more you live in your van, the more you start missing those things. Below are a few things you would always need irrespective of how satisfied you are with your life in a van.

Running Water

A water system in a van consists of a hand pump and two water jugs, each with 5 gallons. As a consequence, you have to very conscious of how much water you need to save. There is no other option other than getting adapted to such a lifestyle. In many vans, you get a 2.6-gallon toilet, and that’s quite small in size. Therefore, you can only have one water jug. However, not having a running water supply wouldn’t place you in a fix and affect your lives adversely. You will get accustomed to it with time.


Many people are comfortable with life without mirrors. Today’s world is a place where people lay a lot of emphasis on their appearances and superficial impressions. It’s a fact that no one can deny. Many vans have one mirror that is useful for eyebrow plucking sometimes and some other small purposes.

Individuals who lead a van life hardly see their faces in the mirror. And since they have so much to do aside from that. There are the outside scenery and the surroundings to focus There is probably none who would want to miss that.

An Address

If you are staying in your van for the rest of your life, you cannot order anything from Amazon? You don’t have a fixed address. These are pretty normal questions that you would face. Speaking about insurance, taxes, and other bills, you don’t have a fixed address technically. But these guys have no issues with that.

Not having a shipping address is not a headache for them, to be precise. If they require a shipment address, they have the addresses of family and friends who are across the country. Ordering things online are comparatively easier and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. But, you need to be resourceful if you want to lay your hands on the things you need locally.


When you are living the van life, you need to forget about some of those things you were crazy about, like Netflix. However, by missing out on Netflix, you wouldn’t feel that bad as you would find that there are many things in life to get amazed with.

There are some astounding creations that you will stay engrossed in and have time for once Netflix is out of your life. Reading books and playing music are some basic activities that you would love to get indulged in. You will find that all these moments are incredible, and not for one second would you miss Netflix.

A Microwave

You might have been longing for a microwave for a long, but a stove is equally efficient if you want to heat food or a liquid. It would take a little bit of time, but the taste will be better than you can expect. Try it yourself.


Of course, there are some mouth-watering items from Starbucks that you couldn’t live without. Seeing the logo indeed makes you salivate, and you start dreaming about your favorite Grande Nonfat Chai Latte.

However, if your lifestyle is all about living in your van, you wouldn’t be able to drop in at a coffee shop daily. But, you wouldn’t miss your Frappuccino that much because by concocting water, milk, and chia mix, getting an identical taste wouldn’t be an arduous task at all.

The meaning and memories that you garner throughout your life are what you should treasure. No physical stuff is as valuable. Less can be more, but you can learn that only through personal experiences.

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