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Expats In Mexico: Here’s What Living In Mexico After Retirement May Look Like

Almost half of the Mexican population resides in large cities, especially in large cities such as Guadalajara, Monterey, Puebla-Tlaxcala, and Mexico City. The Spanish and pre-Columbian colonial past has left its footprints in Mexico City. Mexican art and culture, and cuisine all exist together and influence various internal factors on them.

There is a co-survival of string patriotic, cultural, and religious traditions amidst a bustling economy and a few of the worst traffic congestion in the world. If one goes towards the rural areas, one will find a more traditional way of life. There are foods, architecture, dressing styles, and crafts specific to a particular region. All in all, living in Mexico after retirement can be fun. Following are the reasons why.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is one of the best in the world. There is a mixture of European and Mexican influences in almost every dish. The major ingredients you can find in Mexican cuisine are rice, potatoes, beans, corn, tomatoes, onion, nuts, avocado, squash, meat, and seafood. On most occasions, the flavorings they use are chili, garlic, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, epazote, and cocoa. Jalapeno pepper, in its smoke and dried form, is called chipotle.

Chipotle is a common ingredient in Mexican dishes. The most popular Mexican dishes are tacos, tamales, enchiladas, pozole, atole, and mole sauce. Pozole is a stew that has ingredients like meat, chili, hominy, etc. Another item that you can try out in Mexico is tequila. Besides that, Mexico is also famous for its quality beers and boasts of several popular wineries. However, if you are not into alcoholic beverages, you can opt for hot chocolate and fruit juices, which have a great fan base!

Eating Out in Mexico

The large cities of Mexico are abundant with cuisines from all over the world. Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, you name it, and you have it. Finding the eateries that serve traditional Mexican food can be fun. The most popular spots in Mexico are La Guapachosa, located in Mexico City. It is famous for its mouth-watering Oaxacan food and pocket-friendly prices. El Cardenal, again in Mexico City, popular for its fabulous Mexican dishes and excellent service. Besides that, you can also visit Peter’s Restaurante in Cancun, a small eatery famous for its Mexican and international cuisine. However, the place that tops the list is La Tequila in Guadalajara, which is famous for its traditional Mexican food and a wide variety of tequilas.

Mexican Music

Mexico and music can’t live without each other. The country is known to have churned out various unique genres of music. Mexican music is widely famous, from mariachi, ranchera, and banda to norteno and corridos worldwide. You will see the mariachi bands performing in town plazas and all the important festivals held across the country. Pop music too is quite popular in Mexico. Pop artists like Alejandro Fernandez and Luis Miguel are popular in the international music scene.

Mexican Nightlife

If you are in an exotic Mexico City or tourist hotspot like Cancun, you are sure to experience the amazing nightlife. The famous watering holes in Mexico City are the comedy theatre which goes by the name. Jules Basement, El Hijo del Cuervo bar, known for its good feed, good beer, and loud music, the upscale nightclub called Mezzanotte, Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel’s Bar Jorongo, popular for its live music as well as mariachi events, so on and so forth.

There are plenty of nightclubs in Cancun, such as Christine, Coco Bongo, La Boom, Senor Frogs, Fat Tuesday, Dady’O, Carlos’n Charlie’s, and many more. Besides these, there are many other places you could explore and make your life an adventure. The lion’s share of the Mexicans is Roman Catholic. And that means you will come across majestic churches and cathedrals across the length and breadth of Mexico. The country has a rich and fabulous architecture which will make you fall in love with it!

Mexicans are generally warm and welcoming to the ex-pats. At present, roughly 2 million ex-pats are living in Mexico. The retirement lifestyle of Mexico is what attracts many Americans here. And that is because the living costs are considerably low, people from the other side of the border find it especially appealing. By now, you know that there’s plenty of things to see, do, and eat in Mexico. Just make sure you do your research before finally buying a home or moving to Mexico. And you can be sure that your retirement will be the most happening phase of your life!

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