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Celebrities Who Have Made The Switch To Solar Power

In the last few decades, the popularity of solar power has been phenomenal! In the US and across the world, most local and national governments encourage the use of solar power. From 2020, most high-end residential buildings in California state have started installing mandated solar panels. This trend is quite big in Los Angeles too. One look at the Hollywood Hills and you won’t be surprised seeing how the lights bounce off the rooftop PV cells. Celebs have resorted to solar energy for many years and those who haven’t, are now taking the cue. Plenty of them who championed clean energy have inspired several more and you might also take a keen interest in it. Check out the names of celebrities and their love for solar.

Pierce Brosnan

So the once-upon-a-time James Bond has been a prime champion of solar power. Brosnan flaunts the fact he has a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and also grabbed a spot in the environmental Hall of Fame. In his LA home, his family has plenty of solar panels, from which he often sells the surplus to the grid. Apart from providing ample power to the house using solar, he also has a solar-powered compost heap. Then, there are insulated windows, water recycling systems, and all such measures that would make his home environment-friendly. But this is a different level, just like we believe in turning off the lights when we leave the room, the actor has facilitated the function of turning off lights in any room that’s vacant for more than 5 minutes!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

The star couple besides being parents to two adorable kids is also passionate about sustainable energy. Their house is built in the Brentwood zone, amidst eco-friendly options. From green building materials to composting and also conservation-based irrigation systems, the duo has set it all up for themselves. They have also decided to have two solar panels installed at their house. One is placed indoors, while the other is installed in the garden. Not to forget that Bundchen is the ambassador to the UN Environment Programme, so it’s natural that she would prioritize clean energy in her safe nest.

Julia Roberts

Way back in 2009, Pretty Woman confessed how having children changed her in more ways than one – notably turning her into an eco-warrior. She’s compassionate about living and fostering better living standards for future generations. In a bid to do so, she renovated her own home and offered stellar green upgrades. Few mentionable changes include solar panels that encompass three roof surfaces, recycled tiles, and all such sustainable building materials. Her Malibu home truly has its footprint in check. Goals, anyone?

Jane Fonda

For the most part, we recognize her for her famed workout videos. But did you know she was the proponent (a loud one that is!) of solar power before that? A celeb speaker and activist since 1978, her speech at Sun Day in San Francisco moved listeners after they learned about the benefits and implications that solar power has in terms of liberating consumers from the haphazard pricing structures of traditional options. Her eco-friendly practices certainly deserve applause. To spread the word further, her own home built back in the 1980s and also the present one in Beverly Hills has sustainable add-ons, like a solar-heated swimming pool and cork floors, to name a few. The house also contains PV panels on the roof. Since she has a legacy for green energy usage, we are certain her LA home will be no different.

Bryan Cranston

His roles (especially the Albuquerque suburban pad) might not have been drool-worthy, but the real Cranston is a rich man, living beneath the solar panels installed in the LA house, located near the beach. At one point, the place was a mere party pad, which he changed drastically and turned into an eco-friendly home, having several tech upgrades. Besides, he’s worked alongside the designer John A. Turturro to create substantial space to leverage the sea air into what we call a natural cooling system. The house is also made in American clay to check humidity levels, while solar panels on the roof generate adequate energy.

The list doesn’t end here. Several stars are now joining the league to inspire more people.

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