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How Can Plogging Help You and the Environment Get into Better Shape!

A new international workout trend is combining the best of both worlds, keeping you in shape, and showing compassion towards the environment at the same time. Plogging is a combination of jogging and a Swedish word for pick up, known as plocka upp. The plogging movement began with a bang was started by Erik Ahlström in 2016. It started in Sweden and now has spread across the world as people enjoy their running activity while picking up litter to clean the environment.

This type of activity is attracting environmentalists and fitness enthusiasts alike. Ahlström became frustrated at the utter disdain that the people treated their city. He went around biking around the city, watching people littering their city. He vowed to bring a change, and he did.

How To Begin Plogging?

It’s a simple and easy technique, and you need to carry the same in a trash bag. You pick the litter and jog around while distributing the trash bag in both hands. You can go plogging on a beach and do stretches to avoid cramps in your calves. Ensure you squat well to pick up the trash. As you bend, you may end up hurting your back. Always be mindful of the surroundings to stave off accidents.

The Many Health Benefits of the Lower Body

Plogging combines running and regular squatting. As you squat down to pick up the trash, you will know how to balance your lower body as you carry weight in both hands. The process of keeping the surroundings clean and happens to be intensely satisfying, and this may mean you may have to run more miles than usual.

When you carry more weight to the bags, you may also end up burning more calories. As per the data available, a 30-minute plogging can help you burn as many as 288 calories, helping you gain fitness and enhance weight loss efforts.

It Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Regular plogging may boast of positive effects on health. Since it involves major intense activities, it can promote cardiovascular health. Besides that, it also reduces blood pressure, keeps your lungs oxygenated, and prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar.

Promotes Cleaner and Greener Environment

A cleaner environment may send positive signals to the brain and keep you infection-free. It thus creates a greener, cleaner surrounding, making you feel empowered. It also helps you feel healthy and life better for people in your local community.

How to Start Plogging

You may begin plogging immediately. As you begin your journey, you can start running, riding, or walking while you carry some household items with you. Of course, you may need to have some accessories with you, such as the trash bag, gloves, and a trash picker.

Some examples of litter include receipts, cigarette butts, and bottle caps that need your immediate attention as, more often than not, if not disposed of properly. Smaller pieces of litter can also affect plants and animals, so clean up to keep your surroundings clean to keep the ecosystem safe.

Spread the Word

Now that you know how plogging is great for your planet and your community, there are local running groups you can get involved with to know about specific regions that need specific attention to remove litter. High school cross-country teams can also participate, as many students need to earn their community service hours to graduate. Plogging is one of the perfect ways to log hours and miles simultaneously.

Plogging benefits not only your health but also your environment. If you have already started it and reaping the benefits, spread the word now to help your friends, family, and neighbors discover the many benefits of plogging. You can start your fitness group and tell others to join you on your journey. There are no set rules for you to follow.

Also, you do not have to do it every day, week, or month. Since each of the changes you make does not require you to try every day, week, or month, it helps you stick to the regime for a longer run. Remember, you need to make small changes regularly, not do a lot of plogging in one day, and forget about it in the following days. There are very few activities that can promise twin benefits for both health and the environment. Plogging is just one of them.

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