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5 Highest Paid YouTube Personalities of Today

Over the past 10 years, YouTube has changed from just an ordinary video streaming website to an entire community of “YouTubers”, a term used referring to a YouTube personality. Did you know that the more subscription a YouTube channel has, the more money they actually make? You will also receive a plaque starting with 100,000 to 50,000,000 subscribers. So here are today’s highest paid YouTubers.

#1 PewDiePie 

IMG_5403Felix Kjellberg or most commonly known as PewDiePie is the current “king” of YouTube because as of February 2017, he has over 53 Million subscribers and his videos have a total of 14.6 billion views, making him the most subscribed user on YouTube today. That is just insane, no wonder he makes $15 million. His channel is often about comedy and he also does “vlogs”. But the main focus of his videos is that he is reacting to certain games while he plays it so basically about game reviews.

These videos are on his “Let’s Play” category and he also refers to his viewers as the “Bro Army” and he is not just making these videos just for the sake of views, he also is very active when it comes to charity. He began his YouTube career in 2010 while he was still in university and would often sell prints of his Photoshop artworks to actually fund his videos for YouTube. Last year, he was listed in the “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” of Time Magazine.

#2 Roman Atwood

Another successful YouTuber is Roman Atwood. He is actually more commonly known to film daily vlogs which are basically a day-to-day update on his life and also prank videos. As of 2017, he has about 21 Million subscribers and his videos have a total of 4.53 billion views. One of his most viewed videos include the one where he filled his house with plastic balls and made it into a massive ball pit, this was seen by Nissan and bought the rights for his video in exchange for a Nissan GTR, another one is a prank he pulled on his partner entitled “Anniversary Prank Backfires” where he pretended to cheat on her but she saw the camera beforehand and so she pretended to have cheated on him as well.

#3 iiSuperwomanii

This Indo-Canadian YouTube personality, Lilly Singh is known by her YouTube name “iiSuperwomanii” and she has about 11 Million subscribers as of January 2017. She is actually on the 3rd spot on the highest paid YouTube personalities of 2016 with because of her earnings 7.5 Million in 2016. She received multiple awards from the Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Streamy Awards and the MTV Fandom Awards. Singh also appeared in the movie Bad Moms starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate.

#4 Tyler Oakley

IMG_5402Mathew Tyler Oakley or most commonly known as Tyler Oakley is one of the most popular YouTube personalities of today with his 8 Million subscribers. He doesn’t just make videos for YouTube but he is also an author and an activist, especially when it comes to the equal rights for the entire LGBT community. He began his career in 2007 while he was attending Michigan State University. He is openly gay and is a big fan of the Irish-British boy and One Direction, where he even got a chance to interview them. Because of the popularity he had gained by using almost every social media platform, he even got a chance to meet former U.S. President, Barack Obama and was lucky enough to do a video with former First Lady, Michelle Obama, regarding the educational issues of the American nation and the world.

Because he sees talk show host, Ellen Degeneres as an inspiration, he got a chance to actually have his own segment on the Ellen show.

“She embodies what I want my experience to be and my influence to be, where it’s a positive one, it’s a happy one, it’s not something about the bad parts of life or the downsides of a lot of things. She’s using her influence for food and everyone knows who she is, what she stands for and that she is a lesbian.” – Tyler Oakley on Ellen Degeneres.

#5 Miranda Sings

A lot of you may know who Miranda Sings is because you would always see her on memes and any funny videos on the internet. But most people tend to misunderstand who she really is. Miranda Sings is actually just a fictional character that was created, developed and played by YouTube personality, Colleen Ballinger. Miranda is a woman who has a brain of a 10-year-old who is overconfident and narcissistic and then that she is talentless and egotistical. She refers to herself as a singer, actress, model, magician and a very religious person.

She is considered to be “annoyingly funny” that is why everyone almost loves and that she even now has her own Netflix series called “Haters Back Off!”. Colleen won a Teen Choice Award for her Miranda Sings videos.

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