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Do You Want To Be RICH Or WEALTHY?

A lot of people tend to be so confused when it comes to the difference of being rich and being wealthy. Maybe because they may sound very synonymous and they both mean someone who has a ton of money. Well, it might surprise you since they are actually pretty different. If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to being rich, but there are only quite a few when it comes to being wealthy.
So here are some surprising differences between being rich and being wealthy.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else just looks for work.”-  Robert Kiyosaki

Wealthy VS Rich – Knowledge About Money

IMG_5226Yes, it is the knowledge about what money is. For rich people, money is everything it for wealthy people, money is just a part of everything. Rich people are often too focused on making money while wealthy people are too focused on their goals even if it doesn’t involve making money because they already have too much.

Rich people make a lot of money, but when they stop working, they will also stop making money. Whereas wealthy people doesn’t need to work at all. So basically, being wealthy means that you have enough moments actually sustain your life and support your family for the rest of your life without having to work. Because being wealthy is measured with time and being rich is measured with money.

A person can be rich if he or she won the lottery, inherited a lot of money or has a job that pays him or her millions. But if a rich person has a poor money management skills, he or she may lose everything penny. Especially if a rich person just keeps on splurging on material things instead of actually investing on necessary things to keep on making money.

A person can become wealthy if he or she is already rich and is very knowledgeable when it comes to money. These types of people can make money and become wealthy again, even if they start from nothing. It’s all about the way a person’s mind works. If your goal is to be rich, then that just mean you want a lot of money, but if your goal is to be wealthy, then that obviously mean you don’t just need money, but also some other goals you want achieve.

Wealthy VS Rich – Duration of Money

Like I mentioned above, it is all about the mindset of a person that describes if he or she is rich or wealthy. Another simple difference is that rich people’s power and money will be gone by the time he is gone. Unlike wealthy people, their money and properties can be passed on to the future generation. The simplest way to say is that a wealthy person will always be wealthy, whereas a rich person will only remain rich as long as he lives or maybe less.

If you haven’t noticed that in history, people are considered wealthy if the wealth is passed down to the next generations. Just like now, there are families that are known to have wealthy ancestors and they will continue to be wealthy as along as they keep on having children who can have children and so on.
“The difference between being wealthy and rich is that one has the world at the tip of the finger and the other hold the world in the palm of a hand” – Dale A. Dobo


IMG_5227Just always keep in mind that wealthy people know how to make money therefore knows how to sustain their wealth. Their money just never stops coming. Another thing is that if you want to become wealthy, don’t just focus on having money, but instead, look outside of the box and think about what are the things that you can do to leave a legacy for the people.

A wealthy man is not easily identified, compared to a rich man. Because a wealthy man doesn’t flaunt his money and of course no one can see the knowledge he has. And unlike money, knowledge doesn’t come and go, knowledge cannot be stolen, knowledge lasts as long as the person lives.

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