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Most Expensive Hotels in the World

A hotel is not just an establishment that provides accommodation for a given price but it’s also a place where people go to relax and enjoy a stress-free environment devoid of any distractions. The level of comfort varies from hotel to hotel and is determined by its price – the cheapest being the most uncomfortable and the priciest being almost like spending a day in paradise. Other factors include the exclusivity of its location and its facilities and features. But if money is not an issue, you can undoubtedly enjoy the best of the best with the highest level of comfort that the hotel can offer. Be it a vacation, honeymoon, or business trip, you can be assured these hotels will offer top-notch service and great value for the prices they charge. Here are some of our best picks from 2017:

Lover’s Deep – Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia:

Priced at $150,000 a night, this accommodation is definitely one of the costliest hotels out there. This underwater hotel is located inside a submarine and is aptly called “Lover’s Deep”. The submarine can be moored near a coastal reef along St.Lucia or in the Red Sea near a sunken battleship. This massive underwater hotel is blessed with soundproof rooms, private chefs, and several other top-notch facilities for those who’re unafraid of shelling out big bucks. Guests can also choose to hire a private helicopter and speedboat transfers, a luxurious champagne-soaked brunch, special two-person shower, and a beach landing as well.

The Grand Penthouse – The Mark, New York:

Taking up the top two floors of the Upper East Side’s famous The Mark Hotel, the Grand Penthouse was designed by Jacques Grange and costs around $100,000 a night. The lavish 12,000 square foot penthouse consists of five bedrooms, a library lounge, six bathrooms, a dining room for twenty-four people, two wet-bars and a living room area that can even be converted into a ballroom. Not to mention, the suite offers breath-taking views of Central Park and The Metropolitan Museum of Art that one can enjoy from its 2,500 sq.ft rooftop terrace.

The Royal Penthouse Suite – Hotel President Wilson, Geneva:

This opulent Swiss hotel has hosted prominent and well-known personalities like Bill Clinton, King of Pop Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Rihanna and actor Michael Douglas. The suite gives its patrons gorgeous panoramic views of famous Lake Geneva through the hotel’s bullet-proof glass windows. Enjoy twelve lavish bedrooms fitted with tremendous marble bathrooms, a private dining/conference room, a gym, jacuzzi, a billiard room, and a massive living space if you can afford to pay $60,000 a night for all that and more!

Delana Hilltop Estate – Laucala Island, Fiji:

To enjoy a stay at this luxury island resort, you will need pre-approval and $55,000 to spend a night. Moreover, the owners have imposed a four-day minimum requirement of staying in the isolated and luxurious resort. The entire island is owned by Dietrich Mateschitz, co-founder of ‘Red Bull’, who wanted an island resort for private vacations. Of course, guests can only stay here when the owner is away, and once approved can enjoy the lush green views surrounded by the turquoise ocean. The resort also boasts of over 120,000 sq.ft of space with swimming pools and private villa accommodations, and services such as a private chauffeur, chef, in-house nanny, and activities such as hiking, scuba-diving or horse-riding.

The Shahi Mahal Suite – Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India:

The costliest hotel in Asia, the Raja Palace Hotel was originally built in 1727 by the then-reigning Maharaja of Jaipur. The palace has been meticulously restored and is an award-winning, heritage hotel today, boasting of excellent services, twenty-nine luxurious rooms, a spa and pool, decorative gardens, and an exclusive cinema hall. A museum displaying India’s rich heritage is also part of the hotel’s attraction. One night at the Shahi Mahal Suite, which was originally the Maharaja’s pavilion, will cost patrons a rate of $43,000 or more.

Luxury Suite – Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE:

How can we finish the list without mentioning Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel? All of the hotel’s palatial suites are duplexes, the cheapest one costing $2,000 a night. The most expensive room can cost around $12,000a night with deluxe amenities including special transfers via helicopter, Mercedes, or Rolls-Royce. Guests can also take a dip in their private beaches or swimming pools, request for a personal chef and butler, and yes, bathe in gold-plated bathrooms. The fourth-tallest hotel in the world also claims to be one of the only 7-star hotels on the globe.

These hotels are the epitome of luxury and exorbitance but they sure are worth every single penny. A couple of nights in one of these hotels will be absolute paradise.

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