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The Five Most Expensive Schools In The World

If money is not a constraint, where would you send your children to study? Definitely to the most best school in the world, right? But most of the time, the best schools are the costliest. For most parents, the ultimate desire is to see their kids off to Ivy League colleges or other prestigious universities in the world. However, in order to get through the tough entrance test, one needs to prepare as early as possible. Imagine, how great it would be if your child’s school takes the responsibility of preparing them for Harvard, Stanford, or Oxford University? came up with a survey of the most expensive as well as affordable schools in the world. In case, you are one of those anxious parents, this article is for you!

Leysin American School, Switzerland – $89,849 Per Year

Nestled in a small, picturesque Swiss Alps village called Leysin (two hours from Geneva) lies the most expensive and exclusive co-educational boarding school in the world – Leysin American School. With 340 students and 72 faculty members, this reputable school’s language of instruction is English and seems to attract high-profile international students. We hear their alumni includes family members of the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Some of its facilities include private ski and snowboarding slopes, horse-riding course tracks, a state-of-the-art performance hall, an ice-skating and hockey rink, a swimming hall, s media center, several libraries, and more. Aside from these jaw-dropping facilities, the school also arranges school trips to various European countries frequently! Imagine traveling the world before you are even eighteen!

Surval Montreux, Switzerland – $83,192 Per Year

The Surval Montreux, an all-girls boarding school, has secured the second place with an annual fee of $83,192. It is a school for girls aged between thirteen and nineteen. It is also known to provide academic classes to students of Institut Villa Pierrefeu, one of the last finishing schools in the world now. Facilities include a horse-riding track, a tennis court, a football area, a spacious theater and more. The school has been featured in popular culture as well when the third season of the TV series Scandal showed Olivia Pope being sent to Surval Montreux.

Think Global School, New York – $79,000 Per Year

Seen as one of the most unique schools in the world, Think Global School imparts not only knowledge but also exposes students to various cultures and lifestyles. How? By making them live in twelve countries in the course of three years! This school is popularly known as “the traveling school”. It was founded by none other than travel photographer Joann McPike. The school has twelve faculty members and a total of only forty-four students and is only for 10th, 11th, and 12th standard students.  Apart from English and Spanish, the students are also taught the local language of the host city where they go every three months. We wonder how it would feel like to get a biology lesson in the exotic Galapagos Islands or learn Sumo wrestling in Japan!

Brillantmont International School, Switzerland – $73,104 Per Year

Brillantmont International School is a 130-year-old school in Switzerland that provides both day and boarding facilities for boys and girls. It is situated in Lausanne and overlooks both the beautiful Lake Leman and Swiss Alps. It is home to 100 boys and girls who stay in a hostel and fifty day-boarders. Like other high-end boarding schools, the school arranges trips across Europe. Technology plays a vital role and parents can even follow the progress of their wards through the website. Skiing is highly encouraged here and why not? After all, it is near the Swiss Alps!

Bellerbys College, UK – $63,637, Per Year

Bellerbys College is a private international boarding school which has several locations in the UK – Cambridge, Brighton, and London – and teaches international students from 120 countries. It offers various Pre-GCSE and GCSE programs as well as other courses and specialist colleges for Arts, Humanities, Business, Science, and Engineering. For years, this school has prepared its students for their university education ahead, and most of the time, many who come from Bellerbys have gone and studied in top universities around the world.

Aside from these, there are many other schools that come with a hefty tuition fee. If you think they’re worth their price, why not send your children to one of these colleges? Surely it’ll not only be a learning experience for them but also a chance to be exposed to a unique environment with world-class facilities.


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