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Four Iconic Kid’s Movies That Can Teach You How To Have A Bigger Bank Account

Like most people, you must have gathered quite a few lessons from movies and TV shows as you grew up. No matter how old you are, it’s highly likely that one of your favorite movies back when you were a child actually taught you how to deal with money, and you didn’t even realize it. Movies made for children often impart important life lessons, but did you know that some of the iconic children’s movies also have hidden money lessons? Here are the four most beloved children’s movies from the last four decades and how these movies can teach you a thing or two on how to have a bigger bank account.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory — 1971

The American musical fantasy flick directed by Mel Stuart was not a major success at the box office, but it managed to gain a cult following later on. Charlie Bucket, the protagonist, lives in abject poverty with his parents and grandparents. His life takes a dramatic turn when he finds a golden ticket that entitles him to a tour of Willy Wonka’s candy factory which opens a door of opportunities for him. The biggest money lesson from this movie is that your integrity holds more value than all the money you have in your bank. Throughout the entire run of the film, Charlies demonstrates strong integrity and humility. Even when Wonka refuses to grant Charlie the lifetime supply of candies, he gives the candy back to Wonka who, after revealing that it was just a test, gifts him the factory as a reward.

The Princess Bride – 1987

In this romantic fantasy movie, an underprivileged farm girl named Buttercup falls in love with Westley who is the help in her farm. Unfortunately, Westley finds himself in a pirate raid, and news of his death travels back to Buttercup. A few years later, Buttercup unwillingly agrees to marry Prince Humperdinck, but before she can wed the prince, she gets kidnapped and eventually reunites with her lover who gets her out of trouble. What’s the takeaway for you in this film if you are aiming to increase your savings? Inigo Montoya, one of the kidnappers of Buttercup, only does kidnapping to keep the home fires burning. It’s his side job. His real pursuit in life is to find and kill his father’s murderer. In his words, “There’s not a lot of money in revenge.” In life, if you want to listen to your heart and follow your passion, do it whole-heartedly. But make sure you are at least earning enough to pay the bills.

Aladdin — 1992

This Disney musical features the story of Aladdin, a street urchin from the fictional city of Agrabah, as its central character. The young protagonist meets and befriends Princess Jasmine. In order to impress the Princess, Aladdin takes the help of the all-powerful genie who lives inside a magic lamp to become the Prince Ali Ababwa. However, after leading the life like a real prince, Aladdin becomes the street urchin again with the help of the genie, knowing that the princess may not marry him if his real identity is revealed. But he realizes that his relationship with the genie is more important than his riches. What’s the moral of the story? Money shouldn’t affect your relationships. Even if Aladdin knew that he may miss out on tying the knot with the princess, he values his relationship with Genie who later impresses Jasmine’s father, and Aladdin gets to marry the love of his life, Princess Jasmine.

Up — 2009

The American animated film revolves around the life of Carl and Ellie, an elderly couple with a dream of going to the enchanting Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, Ellie passes away before their dream turns a reality. In the film, the elderly couple is seen saving diligently for their planned trip to their dream destination. Even though they couldn’t use that money for that planned trip together, we found out at the very end that Ellie realized her married life with Carl was the greatest adventure ever. If you have a dream which you want to pursue no matter whatever happens in your life, start saving money as Carl and Ellie did in this film. You will never regret it in the end.

Do you know any other children’s movie which has some important money lessons for adults, too? Feel free to drop the name in the comment box below!

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