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The Money Habits Rich People Have That Poor People Don’t Have

Learn Rich People’s Money Habits That Set Them Apart from Those Who Aren’t

When you think rich, you usually picture flashy cars, jaw-dropping mansions, plush apartments, grand getaways, and dining at gourmet restaurants. While there are rich people who possess such luxuries, the truth is that most of them live a life that is a far cry from what is usually the stereotype. They have become and stayed rich because of the lifestyle that they choose to follow and the financial habits that they embrace. These very same habits are what make them different from the less fortunate. If you want to follow their footsteps to tread the path to richness, then read on.

They don’t set out to impress people.

They don’t spend on extravagant and unnecessary things to assert their stature and to look impressive to people. They may purchase a membership in elite clubs or make their presence known in prominent organizations or groups, but they do so because they want to enrich their network and invest on their connections to promote their business interests.


“I wear the same outfit or, at least, a different copy of it almost every day.” – Mark Zuckerberg

They are their own boss.

Own Boss
Rich people do not work for anyone but themselves. As entrepreneurs, they have learned that they can build their wealth only if they can go on their own and put up their own business. They may have worked for a company earlier in their adult life, but it was just a matter of time before they left the organization, taking with them their skills and experiences that they would use to create their own money-making company.

They are practical.

They live a comfortable life characterized by a modest home, good quality but moderately priced vehicles, and a neighborhood of middle-class families. They don’t make a habit of dining out often, even if they could afford it, but would much rather enjoy a simple home-cooked meal. They buy classic clothes and accessories to suit their lifestyle, but never one to keep up with fashion trends nor prioritize signature labels. They take advantage of sales and know when there are great bargains. In a nutshell, rich people live within their means.

They know how to work smart.

They have their share of working hard to earn their keep and save for their future, but they have also mastered the skill of working less and smart to get more money. Seems confusing? It simply means that rich people have learned how to build and multiply their fortune by first deciding to create and run their own business, becoming their own boss, and knowing how to increase their money by expanding their reach and ventures. They also make sound investments by securing sources of passive income such as real estate, to further increase their assets.

Rich people live within their means.


They make their money work hard.

American dollars grow from the ground - carrying the investmentsAside from investing their money in several ways, rich people have a habit of saving on a regular basis without missing a schedule. They keep track of the cash flow and always try to find out how to obtain the best return on their money. As successful business owners, they need to be close friends with money-managing knowledge and tools because it is the only way that they can keep an eye on their finances. 

They don’t give financial life support just like that.


Rich people have put in long hours and spent countless days building their fortune. Because they’ve seen to where their efforts have gone, they value the money that they now have. A family member, relative, friend, or a colleague may ask for financial help, but rich people won’t just hand out anything away without knowing what it’s for. They are willing to help if the money would go for a good cause like helping finance an education or business or defraying the cost of medical expenses. At times, they also propose some conditions before lending money to others to ensure that the money will be spent wisely and properly.

As you have now seen, rich people live by certain habits that ensure their continuing financial abundance and freedom.  They know how to put a value on money, but they never let their money get the better of them. To be rich, we have to think rich.

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