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Here Are Three of the Richest Fiction Authors In the World!

It’s almost a cliche at this point when teachers tell us that we can’t daydream our way to success. Well, these personalities we’re about to mention might have a thing or two to say on that! There aren’t many things that are as comfortable as grabbing an amazing book to read in a warm, cozy room during winter with a hot drink to sip on. We have the best authors in the world to thank for that, and it’s only fitting that they make just as much money, if not more, than the famous celebrities and actors that make our lives interesting and exciting. Different authors have different types of worlds which they paint with the brushstrokes of their imagination and writing skills. Some choose to build tension in mystery novels while others come up with astounding detailed worlds in fantasy series. For today, we’re going to be concentrating on writers who’ve created worlds that are completely mind-boggling, complete with monsters, magic, and conspiracy. Read on to see how much these authors are paid for their amazing imagination and talent for the written word!

J.K. Rowling — $1 Billion

Joanne Rowling isn’t just the wealthiest fiction writer – she’s also the richest writer for all genres! And she deserves every penny of the money she’s made. She used to be live from paycheck to paycheck before she got her first book published, and that’s where her life of fame and wealth began. She’s the only billionaire on earth who’s given so much to charity that it put a dent on her billionaire status. Now, she enjoying the high life with real estate properties all over the world. She began the Harry Potter series as a story she used to tell her son; in fact, the general plot for the story of the Boy Who Lived came when she was stuck in a train station. She then realized that the story could be turned into book form which inspired her to start writing a novel.

That’s obviously the best decision she could have possibly made in her life, and it paid off greatly. Her books are about a young wizard named Harry whose parents were killed by a dark wizard named Voldemort. On his twelfth birthday, Harry discovers that there is more to life than just the four corners of his bedroom, the cupboard under the stairs in his relatives’ house. Harry, being a wizard himself, must go to a wizarding school where he learns all sorts of things about the world of magic. In his six years in that school, he goes on dangerous adventures with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and the reader is left with a deep sense of adventure as they follow Harry’s storyline throughout the series until the battle at the very end.

Dan Brown — $160 Million

Dan Brown won hearts all over the world with his conspiracy thrillers that are nothing short of a roller coaster ride to read. His most famous books, The Da Vinci Code, Inferno, and Angels and Demons are largely based off of historical fictional stories with Harvard professor Robert Langdon at the forefront. Angels and Demons, for instance, focuses on the infiltration of the Illuminati in Vatican city, threatening the Catholic Church with a bomb made of antimatter. Dan loves to focus on technology in his books and is an obvious lover of science and history. He also incorporates all sorts of puzzles in his books which the protagonist must solve, and that adds to the fun of it all. He’s gained a lot of notoriety among various conservative religious groups due to his criticism and non-cannon way of displaying religion, but all of that has simply gained him more traction and increased book sales. Dan is making an estimated $20 million a year – that’s a dream every writer on earth wishes they could be living!

R.L Stine — $200 Million

This author needs no introduction! You’ve already seen him in literally every school library when you had to read something. R.L Stine is a children’s fiction horror writer who is notorious for his plot twists and grisly tales. He doesn’t make things too extreme like Stephen King, and rather has a sort of ‘friendly horror’ that children (and adults!) can read without feeling too queasy. It’s a win-win for everyone as they read a nice little adventure with a dash of horror and an imaginative plot line that only Stine can conjure. This has made him one of the most well-known writers on the planet!

There are numerous other writers out there with incredible bank accounts, but the aforementioned writers are just three of the most prolific and beloved. Who’s your favorite?

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