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3 Ways How Setting Up a Blog Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

In our modern, contemporary world where everything is a tight situation, it feels like a pauper dream to be able to earn a living while doing something that you truly love. For some reason, our world was mold into 9-5 corporate jobs, that we feel like our passion and professional life should stay separated.

If someone would ask you what your job is, they will often frown when you told them you are a painter, a writer, artists, or any other job that seems so underrated to be even considered as a job. The ones we can only consider as a “decent” job is jobs from the office, hospitals, field, government agencies, anything that can associate with rankings. But is that really is it?

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The world is so vast that we shouldn’t really limit ourselves to those things. No matter how high our dreams are, we have the right to reach them and achieve them. We have the right to live our dream and make it a reality. But how can we do that? Your first step might be on building a blog to achieve your dreams.

However, you might find yourself asking what can a blog do? Here are the three ways how setting up a blog can help you achieve your dreams.

1. It can Help your Credibility and Establish Your Dedication and Commitment to a Serious Field

We’re not saying that by building a blog you’d be able to skip the selection and interview process for the companies to hire you. However, it can help you ease the process for a smoother transition. Building a blog can help you establish your presence online. Your readers can help connect and refer you to their business network, creating more opportunities for you in the process.

Aside from that, the posts you update on your blog will allow your future employee to hear your thoughts, about how you see and approach things. It will also help them deduce whether you’re a good fit for the company or not. Your future employers can also see whether you’re serious about your field since they know it took time, effort, and commitment to update a blog after all.

2. It Allows You to Showcase Your Talent and Knowledge in Your Field of Expertise

Publishing a blog will also help you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise about the subject or the industry you’re seeking for. It will help you connect with other individuals who shares the same passion as you. It will also help you build your own business professional network.

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And when you start venturing on the business side of your blog or industry, it’ll be a lot easier for you to contact the right people and ask for their help in order to build and finally achieve your dream! In fact, you can even build your own community too!

3. It Can Help You Stand Out Among All The Others

You already know the drill in the traditional hiring process. Your HR or employer will review dozens of resumes to find that one person that stands out among the rest. The painful reality of this is that the HR won’t even have the time to dwell on resumes for a long period of time. They will just pick maybe 20 papers and filter them out. How can you ensure yourself that you’ll be picked by them?

The key to that is by creating a blog. Your employer might not be able to remember your name, but they can definitely remember the story, the posts, and updates you’ve published. Having a dedicated blog can help you gain a competitive advantage among the other applicants.

Of course, we’re not saying that creating a blog can be done with flying colors. You always need to put more effort, time, willpower, dedication, and commitment in order to do it. It will take months, even years, for you to get noticed. But remember that nothing beats hard work and dedication. We believe it will all pay off in the right time. And before you realized it, you’ll be able to finally achieve and live your dream. If you haven’t already, try publishing a blog and see where this adventure will take you!

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