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This Is Why Your Business Needs Flextime!

The face of the business environment has undoubtedly gone under a lot of change in recent times, and that goes for the traditional 9-to-5 workday as well. Though it hs taken a lot to make businesses budge from their 9-to-5 employee working hours, it is gradually catching on, and companies are adapting to a new lifestyle and a new working lifestyle as well. This is a very welcome development in modern times where both are working parents in the home, and kids are usually overscheduled, with stressful lives for everyone!

Flextime is the Answer

In the workplace, flextime gives employees a choice in their working hours, between a set time frame as predetermined by the company they work for. Companies may offer employees a time frame within which to attend work for a selected number of hours. Or preparing a list of tasks to complete before a certain time – this depends on the company. So, if you are wondering why you should bother with flextime, here’s a couple of reasons why flextime is beneficial both to employees and to employers!

Employee Loyalty

As an employer, your employees will be more likely to remain working for your company if you offer the edge of flextime. Letting them plan a work schedule according to their lifestyle is very attractive to employees. Spending time with their families, managing appointments, and various facets of life that need to be done in tandem with their work-life is attractive. Having the option to juggle around with your time goes a long way in helping resolve any issues they have and getting everything done more smoothly. For employers, having stable and happy employees is good news because replacing employees can be expensive and is also counterproductive.

Lower Medical Costs

This one is a stretch, but it is very accurate nonetheless. Companies spend a lot of money on medical expenses when employees are ill either mentally or physically, and things like burnout, fatigue (either mental or physical exhaustion), and other stress-related diseases are commonplace in working environments. Flextime reduces stress levels in the workplace, and this significantly contributes to better health and improved work attendance. Also, employees have more time for regular checkups or routine vaccinations to keep their immune system pumping!

Work-Life Balance

Placing employees in control of their working hours helps them to create the right work-life balance. This is great for both employers and employees. People will make optimum use of their time both on and off the clock. Thus leaving everyone with a smile on their faces! With a strict working schedule, you can be left feeling trapped and unable to meet some duties in your personal life as an employee, leading to feelings of resentment and overall discontent with the workplace.

Is Flextime for Your Business?

Of course, how your business can adopt flextime depends on what type of business you run and the dynamics of the company itself. You will have to take a long, hard look at your company to figure out whether flextime can be incorporated into it or not, and if so, with which employee.s Sometimes, an employee’s absence hurts the performance of other employees, so in such an instance, a different plan has to be put together, for example. If there are times of the day where all employees should be present, this too can be arranged and communicated to ensure that all employees make themselves available at the workplace during ‘key’ working hours.

Flextime is a helpful tool for making your company an attractive company to work for, and for ensuring that your employees are happy and satisfied. With happier employees, you can be sure that you will see more productivity in the workplace, too. Ultimately, the goal of every business is to get things done in the right way and on time. All this while keeping a healthy work culture.

As long as everyone has all the tools they need to get their job done, everything should fall into place as you adapt to flextime. So, don’t be afraid to ease into the new territory because the rewards run deep! The rewards will be in terms of an increase in productivity, happy employees, and more profits.

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