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Here Are Four Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be A Part of “Small Business Saturday®”!

Small businesses are an important part of any economy; therefore, knowledge regarding them is absolutely essential to both the owner of small business and the CEO of a big company. We are all well aware of the time, dedication, money, and hard work that entrepreneurs put into their companies so the least we can do is make it worthwhile for them. Due to their important role in the economy, it is necessary to provide support to them in any way you can. For this very purpose comes Small Business Saturday® where you can help out any of the local businesses in your area.

Small Business Saturday® is basically a shopping day that is organized for small businesses after Thanksgiving. It is a comparatively new concept where small businesses participate by remaining open and offering different kinds of promotions. This means that customers and large businesses can take part in it, too, so you can easily get involved, though you are probably wondering why you should. So here are four reasons why you should do so:

To Help Out The Economy

It’s not only a day to have fun and shop but it’s also the perfect time when you can help a small business become a more competitive part of the market. This would help discourage bigger companies from monopolizing the market and would also help the economy move along. How? Basically, when consumers purchase products from small businesses on this day, they allow a substantial amount of money to be put back into the economy. In 2017, this is what happened when consumers spent $12 million on Small Business Saturday®. So whether you’re a consumer or a small business, either way, you can help support the economy by being a part of SBS. Even if you are neither and still encourage others to shop, you are playing an indirect part in making the economy better.

To Make Your Community Better

As mentioned earlier, Small Business Saturday® is a community-centric day as the consumers who participate in this event help small businesses become more established. But did you know those small businesses which are a part of SBS also help out the community? How? They simply contribute to the locality by donating a specific percentage of what they earn during this event. This, in turn, helps improve and contribute to the area’s standard of living. Aside from that, this event will also result in a more closely-knit community where people are likely to support each other in their personal and business operations.

To Increase Employment Opportunities

A high percentage of the workforce is employed at small businesses. This is because these enterprises help produce new jobs and opportunities for others which, as a result, leads to higher economic growth and lower unemployment rate. By showing your support for small businesses through SBS®, you also help the individuals that are employed there. Through participation in SBS®, you are able to support the employees behind the brand and contribute to making their lives better. Furthermore, it is through these interactions that a stranger may turn into a loyal long-term customer for the businesses. Thus, SBS® can fuel the success of not only an enterprise but also of its employed staff members.

To Avail Unique Services

As a customer, when you go to a small business for your purchases, there are some unique aspects that you come across. Instead of being standardized like big corporations, a small enterprise is able to offer original items along with personalized service where you get to interact with the owners one on one. Big established companies have their own perks but a small business can provide you with an item that has its own history, and conversing with the owner may even give you an insight into its production. This kind of sentiment is devoid in big brands as they do not take the time to consider such small actions which small businesses focus on and value.

With these in mind, it can be said that Small Business Saturday® helps you interact with the firms in a rather intimate way, getting the chance to know the stories of the people behind these products while also helping the economy. So, the question is: are you going to attend the next SBS® in your area? You should!

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