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Four Small Business Ideas That Can Help Make You Tons Of Money In 2020

A number of business ideas are set to join the fray in the year 2020, and hence, people would find it tough choosing the one which is actually worth an investment. You would obviously want to start a business that will be profitable, and that too, on a long-term basis. While following a new trend might seem risky, you must have heard the popular saying – no risk, no gain.

Here in this list, you will come across a few e-commerce business ideas that have grown in popularity with time. Yes, you will face competition, but you would be happy to know that the risks associated are also minimal. Go through these business ideas and decide which one suits you best before the new year sets in.

Blackhead Removal

If you are searching for a low-investment business idea, you would probably want to venture into something that wouldn’t cost you much but would have a mass appeal at the same time. Talking about the most popular ideas in the year 2019, blackhead removal has certainly been one of them. Right now, it’s started getting popular again, implying the fact that it has the potential to be a low investment business that can bring you long-term profits. Blackheads are genuine skin problems that most people have. Thus, it automatically becomes easier for you to continue selling blackhead removal products. Over the course of time, you can even expand your business into other segments of skincare. If you can enter into new markets and use the power of recommendations, you might grow your own skincare brand.

Reusable Bags

Day by day, people are getting more and more aware of the waste being produced at home. As a result, they opt for reusable bags to cut off the plastic waste. Business ideas focusing on the preservation of the environment can play a big role in building a brand that’s beneficial for society. Increased sales of reusable bags have been witnessed in recent times and this goes on to show that people do have the intention to minimize the production of waste. Mesh bags are a great choice if you want to store anything, from toys to household products. You have to make a customer realize what kind of change they can bring around by diminishing plastic waste. By showcasing the fact that your product can solve various environmental issues, you can attract customers and help them take requisite steps for the betterment of society and the environment.


Streetwear happens to be a $300-billion industry and therefore, you can easily gauge the weight it holds in the world of fashion. For people who are about to start their business, sub-niches of fashion can prove to be extremely profitable. Streetwear is a great area for start-ups. Moreover, it looks ideal for business owners who wish to exhibit their own fashion lines and cater to the men’s community. Men’s streetwear is in vogue in the current scenario and hence, very few things can be as profitable as coming up with a business idea of selling streetwear. It can be marketed and popularized on social media sites, mainly Instagram where you can find a host of online customers. If you can rope in influencers, request them to don your line of streetwear and take custom photos, your brand will definitely be of professional significance. Why? It’s because you would have a lot of young people developing an inclination towards streetwear brands. Finding a target audience on Instagram and Facebook becomes easy if you run ads on both platforms.

Photo Printer

Though you might consider photo printers to be a thing from the past, you cannot deny the element of nostalgia that’s attached to them. This factor can definitely bring them back in the fray. Marketing a photo printing business can be usually divided into two essential components – security and nostalgia. You would have to market both of them to catch the fancy of your customers one more time. You can bring up themed videos from the 90s primarily of people printing their photographs and storing them. You need to highlight the advantage of keeping memories intact all the time.

It’s always better to choose a business model which is a low-investment affair. Choose any business idea from the list above as all these are low-risk business ideas.

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