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Garage Sale 101: Tips and Tricks

IMG_5377A garage sale or also known as a yard sale, moving sale or tag sale is commonly done whenever you need to get rid of some things like doing a “spring cleaning”. The most common items sold in a garage tale are unwanted furnitures, toys, books, games and even clothes. It is advisable to sell things that are still in good condition because they have a better chance to be bought. Having a yard sale does not really require any business permit or tax since it is just what people do to earn a little bit of money out of the things they have. The sellers normally display their unwanted stuffs in their garage/yard, hence the name. If you are thinking of putting up a garage sale, then here are some tips and tricks you can do.


The very first thing you should think of if you want to do a garage sale is to look for a good date for it. Most people are available during the weekends like Friday and Saturday since almost everyone is busy during Mondays till Thursdays because of work or school or other things. But having a few days of the garage sale is better than just having one or two, because the customers from today can tell her friends or family about your garage sale and they can go to yours the following day. Also, this is most likely to be done during the spring or summer since no one really wants to be out of the house during winter or fall. But the weather is unpredictable, so just keep track of the weather and make sure it is not too hot or too cold when you’re doing your yard sale.

“Your trash, is sometimes their treasure” – Unknown


One of the main purpose of having a garage sale is to actually sell the things that no longer matters to you. But of course before you do a garage sale, you must first declutter your house and look for the things that you can actually sell just like furnitures that you no longer want, clothes you don’t wear anymore, toys that have been stocked in the attic and many more. Another reason why people do a garage sale is because they are moving. They don’t want their old stuff anymore, so instead of moving it with them they just sell it.


IMG_5378If you want a lot of people to go check out your garage sale, you must always make sure that the things you are selling comes at a decent price. For example, you are selling your old leather couch that has a few holes on it, don’t sell it for more than $100 because that is just ridiculous and surely no one will get that.

 Also don’t sell with the same price you bought it. People would expect you to sell things under $50 since it is a garage sale after all, so technically everything that is being sold there are already used.


The best way for the people to know you are doing a garage sale is to advertise it. And the best way to advertise it is by posting it on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That way your friends and family can be informed that you are doing a yard sale. You can make a poster that says when and where it is located. And also how affordable things will be so that they could be encouraged to go and check it out. You can also print it out and give it as flyers around your area but be sure to do this a few days before your garage sale. It would also help if you make yard sale signs and make it big enough for people to see. If your place is not that easy to see, make signs on which direction should they go to see your garage sale.


IMG_5379If you are going to a garage sale, you would want to see things looking all organized so they wouldn’t look like trash. People are buying your things so they could use them so make sure the things you will sell are decent and can still be used. You also need to prepare for coins like fives, ones and quarters for your change and you can get these from the banks.

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