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Got Extra Money? Here Are 3 Business Ideas That You Could Try In 2019

If you’ve got some capital lying around, don’t just let it go to waste! Startups have never been a hotter business in all of modern history, and 2019 could really be the year to shine! Let your creativity take control and influence the market in ways that could potentially transform everything! The best thing about having a, or investing in a startup is that there’s no way you can’t learn from the experience! Even if  your business ends up failing, that’ll be something incredibly powerful that you’ll be able to put on your resume. If you had to hire between a person who’d never tried anything new in their life versus a person who tried to create a new trend, and managed to keep their business afloat, even if for a short amount of time, who would you ultimately pick? There’s never a bad time to pick a business to start, and if you have absolutely no idea which direction you want your business to head in, here are a few ideas which you might find interesting:

Start an Affiliate Marketing Chain

Not sure what this is? Don’t worry about it. Affiliate marketing is a whole new way of earning passive money that has been gaining momentum over the last few years. It’s still relatively unsaturated, so you’ll be good to go if this idea strikes you as a worthy use of your time and resources. One of the massive advantages of this business is that you don’t really need any specific skills to be able to do it. What you do need though, is a good sense of the niche market you want to target through this marketing tactic and where you can find your Affiliate partners. After that all you really need is yourself, or a team of writers. Your writers will be promoting the products of your choice. The easiest way to go about it would be to select a particular line of products and to stick with just that product/theme. You’ll earn money by promoting these products from the links you are placing onto your website. Essentially, the links work as trackers for the companies products you find yourself writing about and they are able to tell if people are clicking on your links!

Social Media Consultancy

Social media has never been more popular. With an ever-increasing amount of users on the internet, the way businesses are run has completely changed. All sorts of companies are trying to establish a social media presence for their fans and potential buyers. If you know your way around social media, you’re in luck because companies are willing to pay big bucks just so you can help them gain popularity on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. In fact, if you do a good enough job, you may soon be able to start hiring more people to establish a brand. For lovers of social media, this can’t even be considered as work, because you’d basically be spending time on the platforms you enjoy being on. You’ll be interacting with others online, and that’s one of the best businesses you could think of being in.

Video-Making and Photographing From Drones

This is an all new business that’s been making waves recently. Drones are, in fact, some of the most exciting ways to capture moments like weddings, sports games or a simple rock climbing trip with friends. Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for everyone else), not too many people know how to use drones for these purposes. This is where you step in. While flying a drone for photography purposes might take some practice, it’s a business that requires a small amount of capital to start with. The more events you get to record, the more you’ll be able to showcase your skills and turn yourself into a personal brand. Plus, this is one of the slickest and most fun businesses you could possibly start and will be a great way to make yourself popular among people.

There are so many more businesses that you could start, but the truth is that it doesn’t really matter which one you pick. What matters most is actually putting yourself out there and developing your self-value. If you want to move on from a 9-5 job, starting a business like this is the way to go. Like we said earlier, you simply can’t go wrong with this. All the experience you’ll gain will be worth it.

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