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Here’s How to Improve Your Business Prospects with Instagram!

Instagram is the app to use if you are trying to reach out to people for conducting business. It helps that 600 million people are using Instagram every month. What makes it the second most popular media platform is that it is a trendy and hip platform. It also helps communicate with prospective customers and helps increase brand awareness.

However, everything is not as easy as it seems, just clicking a good picture on your smartphone may not cut it. You not only need your work to speak for yourself, but it needs to stand out. Here are some tips and tricks and some actionable strategies to get your business going.

Active Participation is the Key

One of the social media strategies is not just a publisher of content, but it also needs your active involvement. Here are some things to do to increase engagement. Follow more people, brands, and influencers. Engage people with active involvement in the comments section.

You can also post other prospective customers’ content and mention their names.

Testimonials As Advertisements

Since you have got vested interests, you are certainly not the most unbiased source of information for your business. So, someone else needs to speak up for your products. Here’s where testimonials come in. Testimonial work not only on social media. They act as a great marketing funnel right from landing pages to home pages to advertisements and more.

Go for a Branded Theme

Branding is an integral part of content creation, which applies to social media and blogs. People relate to your brand if they recognize it. Once people know your brand and want to know more about it, your brand recognition improves and ensures greater recall. You have more responsibility in putting forth your posts in a more professional way, keeping your brand value in mind.

 Go for Trending Topics

Social media is all for what’s at the top position on the trending list. In fact, it is one of the most actionable trends to follow. If you post what is capturing the mind map of the population, you will engage more people.

Suppose you sell something on Valentine’s Day, ensure you portray it in red, say red dresses. This will draw more attention to your product, and more people are likely to buy something red on Valentine’s Day. Engage your followers with an online quiz to engage even more people.

Choose Quality Video Content

Not all videos are created equal, especially when it comes to Instagram. You need to post quality content if you want to meet up their standards. Videos on Instagram need to be of top-notch quality and sound. The last thing you want is to portray unprofessionalism on Instagram.

However, if your business benefits from posting great videos, then you should try it. Ensure you have a studio, a green screen, a lapel mic, and a good camera handy to make great video content. A video immediately catches people’s attention, especially if it is professional and engaging.

When Quality Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

It would help if you had quality pictures on Instagram, period. But more often than not, people don’t get it. It is important to understand that if you are promoting a product on Instagram, the picture should do justice to your product.

The picture should stand out with its clarity, distinctiveness and look as appealing as possible. If you have a good camera and eye for aesthetics, the same picture can generate more than 1000 likes and counting.

A Hashtag Contest for the Win

Instagram hashtags contests are always trending, and it is one of the quickest ways to bring in new Instagram followers. More often than not, Instagram users get an incentive or a prize to win if they follow your Instagram page and submit a photo with a new and innovative hashtag.

All photos tagged with your contest hashtag crowd your contest page(especially when it comes to a third-party contest builder). People who already submit a photo also get their friends and social network to vote, and the person who gets the most votes goes ahead and wins the contest.

Whether you own a small business or a substantial one, you cannot do without Instagram. Social engagement is the only way to go to sell more products and establish your brand name.


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