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Here Are Some Organic Food Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now!

The organic food industry is on its way up in the United States of America, mainly because the demand for organic foods has been increasing since the 1990s. Most of the organic stores are reporting high-profit margins, simply because more and more people are becoming conscious of what they are putting on their plate and choosing organic foods. This sector has a lot of potentials although the entire process is time-consuming, and even a bit expensive. So here are some profitable business ideas to kick-start your business venture.

 Organic Farming Business

Organic farming requires you to start safe and healthy methods to start production. The farmer uses sustainable techniques which can impact the environment and health issues. You cannot use chemicals of any kind, such as pesticides; herbicides are fungicides. You have to do without things like synthetic fertilizers, petroleum-based fertilizers, antibiotics, bioengineered genes, antibiotics, among others.

Instead, use natural fertilizers as a good source for manure or compost. To practice against crop diseases or pests, try crop rotation methods and various other pest control methods. With such a high demand for crops like these, you may be able to cater to the growing market demands.

 Organic Dairy Farming

You can try organic dairy farming and produce things such as cheese, yogurt, cream, and other dairy products. That means your dairy organic produce must be without chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, and synthetic fertilizers, and more.

The practices involve the same ones as organic farming. Your livestock must only feed on organically certified foods. They must be free-range, and grass-fed and the animals must not feed on chemically-laced foods. There is great demand for these types of products nowadays since conventional dairy is no longer adulteration-free and organic dairy products on the other hand provide good fats minus the unnecessary chemicals that can cause on consumer’s health.

Focus On Niche Organic Products

Cater to the needs of the consumers who sell niche organic products. Parents are conscious of what they feed their kids or even when it comes to babies’ formula and diapers. Organic baby clothes are also becoming increasingly popular. This caters to the needs of small children who have sensitive skin and their skin breaks out into hives or rashes if they wear synthetic clothes.  Apart from baby products, there is also a growing need for organic beauty products. Beauty products such as shampoos, lotions, serums, creams, and more.

These products are generally free of parabens and other nasties. Organic products are also free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s genetically modified organisms, ionizing radiation, sewage, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Natural means they are plant-based or based on natural products. However, there is a difference between products that are certified organic or certified natural so you must only go for products that are organic. You can also settle for products from other sectors that have untapped potentials such as coffee, tea, spices, and more.

Producing Foods From Farm to the Table

One of the most popular organic food trends is producing fresh, local foods, whether they are fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, and drinks such as beer. This trend has bigger movement and is often referred to as Farm to Table.

More and more restaurants are catering to the local farms as business partners, integrating fresh local foods into their menu. Consumers not only where the food comes from also how it is raised and processed. This can bring the farm-to-table concept not just in schools, but even to schools, restaurants, and other places. Farm to table is a national movement that minimizes the distance between the farm and the table.

It means that fresh fruits and veggies mostly travel an average of 1500 miles before it reaches the final destination. If you look at some of the fruits you buy, you will find stickers of peaches from Equador, mangoes from Mexico, Strawberries from Chile, and more.  Farm to table means procuring foods that are sourced locally, these food products retain their fresh quality and nutrients.

The Organic Food and product also has a lot of potential for people wanting to start a new business. Like some of the other business ventures, you may need to invest time and money into the process. If you have the right mindset and a willingness to work, you will be able to do well, in your chosen field. There is a massive demand for organic products and if you cater to this ongoing trend you surely will be able to make the most of the trend.

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