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Rapid Innovation Is Changing the Business World!

Let’s face it. Times are changing, and they’re changing fast. The world of business will no longer resemble anything it does today in the years to come. The latest technology has the power to bring shape to many things. We are living in a very fluid time at the moment, and if you pay careful attention, the way the business landscape is evolving is almost tangible! Technology will undoubtedly disrupt every element of life in time to come, and here are the four techniques to keep an eye on – because they will bring the change!

Artificial Intelligence

When both Microsoft and Google took on their AI-first strategies back in 2017, many more businesses followed their lead. This was a massive shift in the business sector. AI has already come to life, having been incorporated in the software systems to enable machine learning to automate tasks and to eliminate redundancy. Voice recognition, predictive text, and organization of data are examples of AI. In years to come,

Artificial intelligence and Cloud-Based Services will replace human tasks like paperwork, timesheets, and even scheduling for enterprises. Forward-thinking companies are making motions to adopt artificial intelligence to remain competitive in their respective industries.

IoT Smart Devices

The Internet of Things is known as the mother of infrastructures, and there’s a good reason why. IoT is a core solution that happens to be revolutionizing every aspect of our daily lives. Of course, businesses have noticed IoT has caused a disruption in the communication between devices. The haring of data over networks with minimal to no human interaction, ad even extending to devices communicate with their users. Currently, 69% of enterprises are making use of IoT or have plans to adopt its use within the next year. Research shows that in 2 years, more than 95% of new products design will feature IoT technology at a minimal cost.

IoT is already helping businesses keep track of goods in shipment, tracking vehicles, and reducing theft and delays, use in customer support. IoT gives businesses the chance to be in full control of data in terms of monetization, distribution ad usage. The business sectors to see a phenomenal change from IoT integration are hospitality, retail, automotive, manufacturing, and financial services.

Cloud-Based ServicesCloud-Based Services

Software as a Serice, or SaaS, is standard at the moment. Subscription software like Cisco WebEx, Dropbox, and Google Apps are available over the ‘net for business as well as personal use. Services of this type will cause disruptions in several business sectors. The demand to store and process data seamlessly, increasing rapidly with time. SaaS apps will automate several functions of businesses and helping track operational business needs.

Also on the watch are Insights as a Service or IaaS and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Industries like BioTech, Retail, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, and Marketing and Software will experience disruptions from these services. Mostly, though, every type of business will experience the disruption in some or other way.


Blockchain technology is receiving quite a bit of attention recently. It is mainly owing to the immense revolution of Bitcoin, which is driven by blockchain technology. It is essentially an online database allowing ease of transaction like never before. The technology offers better transparency, improved data security, lower payment transfer costs, provides traceable, and unerasable audit trails eliminate human error and reduce the chances of tampering. Naturally, blockchain is particularly game-changing for the financial sector. Still, other industries that will be disrupted by the technology are real estate, banking education, healthcare, cryptocurrency exchange, and the legal field.

We are in the middle of a constant discontinuity, in a time of evolution and many transformations. Think of the advancement in medicine, in cellular devices, in media devices, in just your lifetime. You have seen floppy discs turn into CDs, and you have witnessed USBs and cloud storage come about. You have seen the humble cellphone go from the ‘brick’ of a Nokia 3310 to the wonders of iOS and Android. Bluetooth, WiFi, and fiber optics have changed the way we do business and our lives in general in so many ways. There are countless ways technology has evolved in our lifetime alone, so think of what is to come – it is exciting but almost frightening!

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