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Tips & Tricks On How To Choose A Brand Name

Thinking of a business name can be rather easy and difficult at the same time. All you need is an extremely creative mind to do it and it will only be difficult if you’re thinking way too hard but is not really into it. Always remember that your business name will technically be the face of your business along with your logo. 

You Should Brand Yourself

IMG_5491The very first thing you must do is to brand yourself or define your mission as well as your business plan and the kind of niche you’re getting yourself into. Ask yourself if you want to emphasize the quality of your product, the simplicity, or even its accuracy?

Know Your Target Customers

You can’t pick a business name that would benefit the business itself, you always have to think of your consumers first. What they prefer, what they’re looking for, and what interests them. For instance, your target costumers are stay-at-home moms, then it should have something to do with enhancing their cooking skills or tips on removing stains on the carpet or time management for the family. If your target customers are college students, then it has something to do with busy schedules, sleepless nights, studying for exams, and how coffee is their best friend.

List Down Words

Attractive young woman thinking while writing on notepad at homeOf course, you cannot just list down just any random edit word. You just think of something that would describe your business. What kind of qualities does your business have? What do you want your customers to expect from it? You can simply use nouns, adjectives, and verbs. If your business is a dessert shop, then think of words like Sweet, Indulge, Goodness, Treats etc. There are literally endless words you can find in the dictionary and all over the internet. You can find every word’s synonyms and phrases. List down everything you like and you can even translate them into different languages if you want to be unique and catchy.

You can try one-word names first by choosing an extremely catchy name that would make your customers remember it. Short and catchy is always the way to go, but then you have to make sure it is actually appropriate for your business so that people who don’t know about it, wouldn’t have to think so hard about what it actually is.

Two-Word Names

It is actually very common for businesses to have two-word names. You can simply think of an adjective or a verb followed by a noun. For instance, there is the Laughing Cow, Red Robbin, North Face etc. This is probably the easiest way to think of your business name, however, you cannot just come up with a random name, it has to be catchy as well since you would want your customers to remember it even while they’re asleep.

Another way you could come up with the name is by using a proper name. Like Papa John’s, Little Debbie, Jordan’s, McDonald’s etc. You can use your real name if it is not too common or you can even add something to it. If your business is about baby stuff then you can get your name or your child’s name and name it as Baby Sophie or Little Sophie or any other name to go with it. Just like McDonald’s, you can also use your surname as your business name. If your business is a hardware store then you can name it after yourself like Parker’s or Morgan’s.

Easy To Say; Easy To Remember

Kiev, Ukraine - February 21, 2012 - A logotype collection of well-known world brand's printed on paper. Include Google, Mc'Donald's, Nike, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Nikon, YouTube, Adidas,, Unilever, Twitter, Mastercard, Samsung, Canon and Starbuck's logos.The goal of having a business name is for the people to think about it and remember it. If you have a very long or boring business name, chances are they wouldn’t even remember it. It has to be unique but at the same time, not too complicated to think about or even to say.

If your business is a pizza parlor, you cannot name it as The Greatest Pizza Place Ever, since it is way too long and the people can’t easily remember it. You can’t also name your business with an inappropriate word like Shitty Pizza because everyone will see your store and it is not very child-friendly.

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