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Top Four Unusual Investments That Are Still Popular

A smart investor always knows how and where to invest their money than anyone else. These individuals possess the ability to evaluate and understand the value of items that can get earn them a fortune if they resell it. So, that’s where a smart investor keeps his money. In other words, a sensible investor uses their brain than their heart when they want to buy something valuable. If you are to make investments in items that are somewhat unusual, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. You have to be an expert in the space. Below are some of the unique investments that are quite popular in the recent times.


Art happens to be a lucrative sphere if you are willing to invest. If you do your research on the paintings, especially the priceless ones you might land a fortune! But by research, we do not mean limiting yourself to the works of just one artist, genre, or period of work. Instead, go out and explore all the styles and mediums there is. That way, you will have a better understanding and an ability to evaluate paintings for what they’re worth. In other words, you will become an art connoisseur. Despite the global economic slowdown, art retains its value and is priceless.

If you observe the trends over the past decades, art been a lucrative investment. Aim to invest in art that catches your imagination. If your gut feeling tells you that particular art is a nice piece of work, it might be so. However, this doesn’t imply that it’s valuable. Similar to all other investments, the price of art tends to go up and down. In case you don’t have so much cash to buy a Picasso, you can always buy the works of artists who are not so well-known. An artist might be struggling today, but they can be a legendary one in the days to come.

Sports Memorabilia

You might be aware that rare sports collectibles are priceless. Demand for sports memorabilia is on a constant rise over the past three decades. Think twice if you decide to throw away your priceless baseball card collection into the trash bin just because of your mom’s complaining. Remember that you might be losing a fortune. But remember, these memorabilia are valuable, but you can make money out of it only if you do not form an emotional connection with it. The minute you do, you will not be able to subsequently, sell and make money out of your purchases.

If you maintain an emotional attachment with them, you can never make money. As you know, supply and demand are two aspects that have the most significant control over price. It doesn’t matter what your favorite sport is. You have to know what has witnessed a rise in its worth. Start your investment on a small scale and spend only what you can actually afford. Also, don’t forget to invest your money on various sports items.

Comic Books

Why do people consider comic books a grand investment? During your childhood, you enjoyed reading comics and once done, you either throw it away or share it with your friends, right? Probably you have only a handful of them left with you. With time, the value of these comics increased in worth. The conditions and, of course, the scarcity of the popular comic books have a massive effect on the comic book market.

Loose centerfolds, missing pages, poor paper quality, etc., bring down the value of a comic book quite naturally. Comic books that mark the debut of iconic characters or have an engaging storyline are bound to have a higher price. The debut book of Superman –  Action Comics No.1 was sold at something around $1.5 million. This was at an auction in the year 2010. Beat That!


A 1943 bronze Lincoln penny is worth $1.7 million. Did you know that a southwestern entrepreneur bought it at an auction in the year 2010? The reason behind the coin being so much value is that the United States Mint, instead of striking the coin in zinc, struck it in bronze. Automatically, a massive hike was on the cards. Those who collect coins are known as Numismatists.

They search for coins that are rare and are in better condition. Some dealers might fool you into believing that a coin is unique when, in reality, it’s not. You need time to educate yourself. You can buy from the U.S. Mint itself.

There are a few other uncommon yet lucrative investments that you can opt for. However, the first and foremost thing which you need to become a smart investor is to gain ample knowledge about the goods plan on investing in. Without studying in detail, you can never reap the dividends you are expecting.

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