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Useful Tips To Follow Before Revamping Your E-Commerce Site

In the modern world, capitalizing on every opportunity you can grab in e-commerce is crucial. The digital world of commerce is a competitive one, and you can ensure that you are in the game by creating a website that is interactive to captivate your target group. Revamping your e-commerce site is important if you want to make the most of your digital business and there are a couple of things to consider when you are undertaking this task.

Set Goals and Know Where You’re Headed

First and foremost, the expectations that you set need to be achievable and realistic. Otherwise, you can be bringing your website down rather than up. Expand your knowledge on what goes on behind the client interface – the workings that drive your website. Get a feel for what you would want from the site if you were on the other end – that is, if you were the visitor. Spend time thinking about this as part of your revamp as you need to know what to work on before you can start working on it!

Don’t Get Hung Up on Aesthetics

Think about what it is that you want your website to deliver to its users. Aesthetics are extremely important, but it isn’t everything. An aesthetically pleasing website does not guarantee success. Don’t waste too much revamping time just getting your site to look good – in fact, focus on the aesthetics last if you suspect that you will get carried away with this.

Choose Where to Cut Costs

Once you identify what it is you want to deliver with your website, you need to then tackle the experience you want to offer visitors. Of course, a limitation that you have on how far your revamp can go is obvious – your budget. When it comes to online businesses, you do get what you pay for, and you need to bear this is in mind when you are looking for where to cut costs. Choose carefully which elements you can let go because making the wrong choice can leave you with regrets later. For example, social media platforms are going to help you increase visibility and traffic! If you don’t already have them, integrate them in your site and also cater for blogs and live chats, if budget allows it. Netizens are all about social feeds and interaction – don’t cut costs here!

Website Loading Speed

The attention span of an internet user is incredibly short, so you do have to deliver everything in a very clear, concise, and engaging package for you to compete in this market. Don’t get wound up being one of those developers who are using one-dimensional tactics on their websites, with poor and boring designs. However, make sure that your site is not compromising on loading time too much because a short attention span also means that your visitor won’t like waiting for your webpage to load. Revamping your site to make it load faster will be appreciated by your visitors.


If you have your goals set out and you take the measures to carry out what you need to do, your job isn’t done until you can tell whether you’ve reached those goals or not! What helps you determine whether you have reached your goals or how far along you are to achieving them are website tracking tools. These can help monitor your website and tell you about the traffic you are receiving and the conversion of the site. If you don’t gauge what difference your revamp has made to your website then you won’t know whether it was effective or not!

Improve User Experience

How long your website takes to load is also part of this section. But there is more to it. Nobody enjoys pop-ups, and it is best if you can avoid these and design your site such that you do not employ them. Also, organize your site so that the categories are clear and specific because people need to find what they are looking for quickly. Also, make sure there are lots of ways to redirect your visitor to other pages on the site so that they don’t need to look for stuff on the main page each time. Have related articles or items to click on to keep users engaged.

After you revamp your website to have the look and the interface that you are after, it is then time to start on a new process – work on how you intend to increase the traffic to your site and how you intend to boost sales. This is a topic for another discussion, but it is important that you prepare your website with a revamp before you set about improving its functionality, so follow the guidelines in this post before you set about improving other areas of your e-commerce site.

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