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All About The Lottery and How It Changes Lives

Have you ever wondered who invented the lottery? How did it start? For most of us, it seems like the lottery has been there ever since the world began. Is it considered gambling? Well, here are some fun facts you need to know about lottery.


So basically a lottery is a game of chance. This is a game where people pay for the opportunity to actually win some money or other prizes. However, for you to win, is for you to pay just for an affordable prize of course. You choose numbers or buy tickets where you can scratch them and match things to win. It is very popular around the world and is legal.


It is normally operated by the government, which is the only organization allowed to legally operate this game. They do not allow any private sector to have something similar to this. The profits from the lottery are given to the funds of the government, sometimes used whenever there is a calamity within the country.

FACTS: How Did The Lottery Start?

Lottery started in the year 1612 in the United States. It was when King James I of England created the lottery for the benefit of the first British settlement in North America in Jamestown, Virginia. During those times, it was used by private organizations to raise funds for the war, colleges, public work projects and for the town itself.

During the 1970s, the lottery was a game where a person buys a ticket with numbers on it and the person will have to wait for weeks to determine who is the winner for that draw. They used to be called passive drawing games. But it was in 1974 in Massachusetts, where the very first instant lottery scratch game was offered to the people.


  • For Me and For the Town

Margaret Loughrey was from a small town in Northern Ireland named Strabanes. She won the lottery while she was on her way home looking for a job. At that time, she only has £58 to spend for a week. She then decided to try her luck and bought a lottery ticket. Loughrey won £27 million. But instead of buying herself a big house to live in, expensive cars and everything luxurious, she made a surprising decision. Loughrey shared her winnings with her small town. She wanted her town to be a tourist destination and a leisure park so she bought the Herman’s Mill which is a tiny village near her. She wanted the rest of the people from her town to have jobs so she created a whole new life not just for herself but for her entire town.

  • A Helping Hand

Last but not the least is the story of a man named Laszlo Andraschek, who bought a lottery ticket using his last money. He was then coming home from a workshop for the people recovering from being an alcoholic. When he won, he used his money to pay off his debts and bought houses for his three children. To everybody’s surprise, he gave the remaining money from his winnings to help those who are in need. He focused on helping the people who are homeless, the ones who have been abused, and the people who are recovering from drugs. With this, he didn’t just help them get through the rough path using his money but he also helped them emotionally to fight and never lose hope about life. Feeling like that himself, he gave hope for these people, he gave them a chance to change for the better and to look at life as a gift. Money may be the way for it but it was actually more than that. He also set up a foundation to be able to help more people who need help.


Those are just two inspiring stories of people changing not just their own lives but the others as well with lottery. However, not everyone has life changing moments like these because there are people who wasted their lottery winnings over nothing, but who are we to judge? It’s their life, but hopefully these two stories we have to today inspired you to put your money into good use. So if you ever win the lottery, what is the first thing you will do?

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