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You Should Always Spend More Money On These Five Things

There are reasons why we should learn to save first and spend afterward. But is that the way to work your way forward? The more money you keep the better for you. Well, agreed. But a frugalista swears by this is not thinking about the inside picture. It will be worth the money if you spend a tad bit more on quality. You can think of it as a ‘long-term investment’. So while you’re spending somewhat more initially, you can make the most of the benefits that come along later. So what are the things where you can act a bit spendthrift with? Here they are:

Home Appliances

For those who don’t intend to live in a certain place long-term, the home appliance is the last thing in their minds. Understandable, but let’s just say that it’s worth buying ‘top-of-the-line’ products, only because of the energy-efficient feature. Cheaper appliances in that respect don’t carry the star logo, so it means that you pay more on utility bills later on. Also, there’s no skipping the maintenance costs. Lower-end items are usually prone to breaking down quickly, and as a result, you incur more expenses on the repairs.

Contrasted to that are higher-end products that last fairly long and you save on the add-on repairs. Besides, nothing is surprising when you end up getting frustrated and a tad rough operating on whatever is in front of you, that too when it undergoes these wears and tears quite frequently! Cheaper alternatives when not treated well will furthermore result in losses aplenty.

Health Insurance

Call this tomfoolery or whatever, but yes, some people choose to go on with life sans health insurance! It makes more sense to invest in a proper health insurance plan when you’re young, hale, and hearty. There’s no certainty about life. One mere accident or incurable disease contracted early can simply erase off your emergency fund or whatever savings you’ve accumulated to date.

Pet Food

Our pets are a part of our families. They are much like the members and we do care for them. So even when your cat or dog or fish or bird or anything other than these domesticated creatures eats anything, spending more on their food items is true value for the money spent.

The extra costs that go behind these delicious items will not only increase their happiness quotient, but they are also worthy investments you are making as a responsible owner. Of course, certain health ailments can’t be guaranteed. But you’ve been doing your best to visit the vet less often and thereby increase your expenditures. Plus, you promise your friend a longer lifespan.


There’s no dearth of quality furniture from reputed brands. To avail of those discounted offers and must-grab deals, sometimes you end up buying things you don’t need or worse, losing them faster than you ever thought! Splurge a little extra for things you use in your home or office setups or business and frequently.

So if you spend significant time sitting at your desk in an office chair or if you’re working from home for long hours, take out the time to invest in a good-quality, ergonomically splendid set of chairs and tables or a mini setup. Zeroing on cheap chairs will anyway help you develop quick back aches, and result in arthritis issues later on in life. Also, how do you expect yourself to be productive sitting there for hours at a stretch? Spend a little more and let the process be a hassle-free one.

Clothing and Shoes

Since the time we knew what to wear, shopping for clothes and shoes has taken precedence. It’s not an occasion, but a necessity that you must realize, and thereby spend your hard-earned money.

The temptation to pick out cheaper stuff is obvious, but what if a less expensive piece of shirt or dress or bell bottoms tear wide open in the middle of the road? Or maybe you got your favorite graphic tee, only to see it shrink before your eyes, at the very first wash! And this works in the same manner for shoes.

So now you know which items you must spend a great deal of money on, only to save your money and sanity in the long run.

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