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Billionaires of 2016

As the adage goes, ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. However, if you carefully think about it, money actually runs the whole world. It is an important part of our lives because we use it as a means to purchase our basic necessities and get the luxuries that we always dream of. Furthermore, there is a study that proved that money and happiness are directly related to each other. Based on research, the negative emotions that people feel decreases when his/her income increases. Thus, it proves that having more money can make you happier. Therefore, we can assume that the billionaires all over the world are having the time of their lives right at this moment. Below is the list of billionaires for the year 2016.

  • Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Who doesn’t know this guy? He and Paul Allen co-founded the famous Microsoft – which is the largest computer software company.  Nowadays, the company has expanded and they are now offering other products like computers, smartphone, tablets, laptops, game console, and computer accessories. His current net worth is $75 billion. From this huge income, he and his wife, Melinda, is giving donations for various projects all over the world.

  • Amancio Ortega

If you love shopping then you might have heard his name. He is a well-known Spanish businessman that founded the Inditex fashion group. The company is more famous for its Zara clothing and accessories retail shops like Pull&Bear and Massimo Dutti. Last year, Ortega was able to beat Gates as the richest man in the world of the Forbes list for at least 10 minutes. His current net worth is $67 billion, which is a little bit far from Gates.

  • Warren Buffett

He is an American business investor responsible for the rise of Berkshire Hathaway. It is a diverse company that is related to GEICO, life insurance, annuity sales, and jewelry. You can say that he can be very proud of his successful life because he is a self-made billionaire. His current net worth is $60.8 billion from his company. He has been in the number two spot on Forbes’ list of billionaires for the last 15 years but was beaten by Ortega.

  • Carlos Slim Helu

If you are following the latest news about business, you will know that his name made it to the headlines in the recent U.S. elections. Helu is a Mexican business inventor and is known for his telecom company – Telmex. He was in the fourth place of Forbes list of billionaires 2016 but his place dropped to seventh place when Donald Trump won the presidential election. $50 billion is his current net worth from Telmex.

  • Jeff Bezos


Those who love online shopping should definitely know this guy. He is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of the well-known shopping site It seems like Bezos is also affected by Trump’s win as the next U.S. president. Trump made comments about Amazon not paying the right taxes using his Twitter account. So when Trump enters the office, there are chances that he and Bezos will clash.

  • Mark Zuckerberg

If you don’t know this guy then you are living in a country where the famous social media site – Facebook – is banned or you simply don’t have an internet connection. He made a social media site into something more than a means of communication for people all over the world. Most people are now using it as a source of information and current events all over the world. Since Facebook is a powerful internet tool, Zuckerberg was able to attend meetings with several leaders of different countries discussing its influence and technology.

  • Larry Ellison

Ellison is an American businessman and a co-founder of the Oracle Corporation. The company is one of the competitors of Microsoft. However, they are more focused on providing tools, systems, and software for computer programmers. You might be familiar with their operating systems: Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris. Ellison’s current net worth from Oracle is $43.6 billion.

  • Michael Bloomberg

Aside from being a businessman, he is also known is the world of politics because he was the former mayor of New York City. He is the chief executive officer of the Bloomberg L.P. The company is known to provide services for financial software, data, and as a media company. It has different divisions including Bloomberg Professional, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Radio, and Bloomberg Businessweek. The current net worth of Bloomberg is $40 billion.

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