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Despite Being Billionaires, The Royal Family Believes in Saving! Here Are Some Tips You Could Live By!

Going by last years’ estimate, the British royal family is worth about $95 billion. They came to this amount considering things like their concrete assets, such as the humongous 830,000-square-foot Buckingham Palace including the family’s eclectic art collection, abstract assets such which make up what you can regard as the quintessential royal brand.

When you evaluate the brand, you need to consider several things, such as the case for Princess Charlotte. She was just a few hours old when she made her world stage debut in a $100 worth shawl. That day, over 100,000 people from around 183 countries visited the website to buy the shawl.

Queen Elizabeth II’s personal wealth amounts to $530 million, which amounts to the maximum in the family, and the net worth of all the family members put together amounts to $1 billion. Having enormous amounts of wealth does not always mean one should be extravagant, like most of the family’s prominent members think about prioritizing habits and saving rather than splurging.

They Prefer Flying Commercial

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle prefer to fly on airlines with the public, sometimes in economy class. This happens when they are not traveling in private helicopters. The Queen, too, sometimes prefers to take the train instead of moving around in plush cars.

They Cut Down the Energy Costs

In 2011, almost four million households in England faced the fuel poverty crisis. This means a homeowner has to spend at least 10 percent of their annual income to keep their house warm.

That was a big problem for the Queen who lived in a house that consisted of 775 rooms! To cut down the costs and save energy, she instructed her staff to post warning signs around the palace that warned people to switch off unwanted lights. The Queen often took to herself to roam around the halls and switch off the lights.

They Don’t Mind Repeating Clothes

The Royal family has no qualms in admitting that they indeed repeat outfits. Prince George wore what the father Prince William way back in 1984.

And the Queen does not mind repeating and re-using her outfits. In 2013 she repeated the same pink coat and hat that she had repeated for at least four official engagements in the same year, and that was not all. 2011 she wore a primrose yellow outfit that the Queen flaunted at William and Kate’s wedding six months earlier and recycled the same outfit at a working trip to Australia.

They Shop At IKEA

During a visit to Sweden, Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed that they bought IKEA furniture for their children’s rooms. The Royals, too, are charmed by the minimalism that IKEA furniture offers. Princess Charlotte and Prince George are often lounging around on the finest yet economical furniture the Swedish superstore has to offer, proving that the Royals are just like us.

Space Heaters Instead of Central Heaters

While the royal family can easily afford central heating and keep their 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace warm, the Queen, however, chooses to use space heaters in certain rooms. Avid royal watchers have noticed space heaters in certain fireplaces in Buckingham and Balmoral Castle. With the units costing somewhere around £20 to £30 ($27 to $40) each, you can see that Her Majesty is saving quite a lot of money.

They Eat Leftovers Too

Queen Elizabeth is simple at heart and can happily eat leftovers. Carolyn Robb, the family’s Palace Chef from 1989-2000, revealed in an interview that the family is big on Tupperware. Prince Charles was always economical and believed that nothing should go to waste.

So, if they had roast lamb the previous day, they would make a Shepherd’s pie the next night. They stayed away from fancy treats like caviar for the most part and stuck to simple home-cooked meals. Leftover meals often have a bad reputation, but they are indeed a great way to save money. One would think that the royal family won’t stick to leftovers, but they do. They just set an amazing example of how not to waste food. And children also learn from them that rehashed meals are a thing and that one can easily give it a delicious twist and have it the next day.

Well, this goes to show that the Royal can go economical too if they want. And since they are a Royal family and always under the spotlight, them showing the way goes to show that other common people must also follow. Simple things that, though seem nominal at the onset, but end up saving big bucks.

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