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Factors to Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer recently came up with a list of the most stressful jobs – those that include relentless competition and deadlines. While it goes without saying that every job has its own share of stress, and some workers actually thrive on the stressful nature of their jobs, the difficulty and pay of these jobs might be big deterrents for the majority. If you have recently received your job offer letter but you are in a fix as to whether you should accept it or not, you should take into consideration few important factors before you do so.

What Are The Most Stressful Jobs In The World Right Now?

Take Into Consideration Several Factors Before Accepting A Job Offer

According to, the job of an enlisted military personnel is the most stressful one right now, followed by other high-risk jobs such as firefighting, flying an airplane, law and order-related jobs, and so on. What factors did they take into account for evaluating these jobs? According to a CBS News report and the publisher’s website, travel, growth potential, public perception about the job, deadlines, competitiveness, physical stress, environmental conditions, risk factors, and possible hazards were some of the factors they took into consideration.

Should You Accept That Job Offer?

Think About The Benefits And The Stress Level Before Accepting A Job Offer

If you use the same criteria as used by, you would easily be able to find out why your job might be stressful (or why it might not be so stressful). For example, the job of an audiologist is one of the least stressful jobs at this moment. While you might be thrilled looking at the job offer which you have received, you should take into consideration the following things before going onboard:

Is The Job Worth The Trouble?

Most people would tell you straight away whether their job is stressful or not. If you feel like your job is too arduous, take a moment to ponder about why the job is so draining, and whether your job is worth the pay or not. For example, air traffic controllers’ jobs are pretty stressful, but most people working in this sector do not complain about it as they are paid quite well. Also, you don’t need a four-year degree to work as an air traffic controller which is another reason why employee retention rate is pretty high in this sector.

Is The Pay Good Enough?

A Stressful Job May Come With A Good Paycheck

This is the most important factor to take into consideration. How much stress can you actually take if you are paid well? Also, how much money do you really need? Often, people choose high-paying jobs without considering the stress level as all they want to achieve is financial stability. While there’s no denying that financial stability is important, and you need to have control on your financial destiny, you should not stress out yourself as you may not be able to work for long if you are stressed out.

What Are The Perks?

In many cases, a stressful job might come with an average pay, but unmatched perks and fringe benefits. If you are getting a good health insurance plan with your job offer, along with handsome retirement benefits, a number of paid day-offs, you may choose the job.

How Is The Work Environment?

What Kind Of Work Environment Do You Prefer?

Your work environment, the flexibility, and liberty you get at your workplace are important considerations. If you do not want to be supervised, you might get annoyed by micro-managers always bossing around. If you want more flexibility and autonomy, you should choose freelancing over a regular day job. Also, you need to consider whether you want to have a set work schedule, how often you want to work, and what kind of work you want to do.

You need to take into account what kind of job is worth your time and effort. If you just want to punch in eight good hours every day, go back home and spend quality time with your friends and family, there’s nothing wrong in it. However, if you want more flexibility and liberty, you might consider changing your career. Also, when accepting a job offer, discuss the perks and benefits and the possible stress factor with your near and dear ones. The decisions you make career-wise can either lead to greater success or an eventual downfall.

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