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The Main Challenges That Hinder Success for First-Time Small Business Owners

Starting up a business and launching it is something anybody can do but running a business is a whole different ball game. You need to be a specific kind of person and possess specific skills to be successful in running a business of your own. Moreover, finding ways to expand it after the big launch takes some knowledge and experience. The internet has a way of over-exaggerating how easy it is to start up a business and under-estimating how difficult some challenges after startup can become for first-time business owners. When you have a small business that you’ve just started out, there are some things to watch out for – and you can learn all about them here!


Your business definitely has to pay taxes, and what can happen as a first-timer is that you expect that you will just hire out the bookkeeper or tax practitioner to have it done for you. The truth is that there is more to it than that! When considering starting a business, it needs to be clear that the type of business you have has a direct impact on the type of tax you will need to pay. Getting to grips with the tax laws and tax structure will help you make decisions about your taxes and your cash flow before your accountant or bookkeeper needs to do a clean up on aisle seven. Take your time to get the feeling of taxes related to your industry and the laws that surround it. Make sure that you consider the import and export rules for international trading before moving forward.


What with opening and launching a business being so easy these days, finances often take the back seat when people are drawing up business plans – especially first-timers. Even if you recognize that you will require capital to get your idea up and running, you can make the mistake of not allocating enough capital. Perhaps, you can even fail to save up enough to keep the business marketing going well, maintain stock, or some other shortfall. It is important to have a good idea of how working capital works before you invest the dough and startup. Going in blind can sabotage your success and the potential of your business.


Inventory is more than just receiving boxes of goods at the doorstep! First-timers often make the mistake of forgetting that not only do you have to package your customer’s goods, but the goods need to be categorized, tracked, and shipped. Keeping manual count or manually tracking the goods isn’t a practical solution. This is where inventory software makes an entrance, and you will need to decide on the software you would like to use for your business. You will need the necessary training on its use and get comfortable with the system because you do not want problems with your first customers – the success of your business also depends on your reputation and consumer ratings hold a lot of weight!


First-time business owners make the mistake of thinking that they can do everything by themselves, and so they make the mistake of waiting far too long before they begin employing staff to assist with the workload. When you wait too long to employ, you will find that not only are you overloaded with work, but you will have the task of recruiting people to assist as well! This means you will have to juggle everything that is too much to do already with interviews, job advertising, and training of staff. The best thing to do is to hire before you think you need somebody because if your business is going to be successful, you will definitely need the help!

Now that you know exactly what you need to watch out for as a first-time business owner, there are no excuses for letting these challenges surprise you! Be prepared for each of them and make sure that you are ready to take on all the other challenges that come with owning a business. Learning all the important information is easier before you launch when you have more time to assimilate the information you find. Owning a business is one thing, but owning a successful business is quite another!

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