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Save Money on Gasoline by Implementing These Tricks Today

We, humans, are highly dependent on gasoline. The average gasoline consumption in 2020 based on a report of 36 countries was found to be 347.52 thousand barrels per day. As gas prices keep on rising, it is putting a strain on our pockets. Here are a few tips that you can utilize to save money on gasoline.

Use Gas Price Tracking Apps

Keeping a vigilant check on the prices of gas available in different gas stations might help in finding out the right gas station for you. There are several apps in the market like Gasbuddy or Gas Guru that help in finding the lowest-priced gas in your surroundings. In addition to this, an app called Waze has a gas tracking feature in it.

According to Jack Gillis, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of America, the best way to save money is to shop around for gas. According to him, one can find a difference of about 10, 15, 20 cents on a gallon of gas. This sums up to a huge amount when you look at the broader picture.

Reduce Your Cargo Weight

You would have never thought that something as small as the useless weight you carry around in your vehicle all the time such as a sports chair or water case is affecting your fuel efficiency. According to Gillis, by removing items worth 100 pounds from your vehicle that you are not using, you can save up to three to four cents per gallon. Therefore, emptying out items from your trunk every once in a while will help alleviate some pressure off your pocket.

Check the Gas Cap and Tires

It may be shocking but 15 to 20 percent of people have a loose gas cap which allows gas to evaporate. This can cause a vehicle to lose huge amounts of gas just by evaporation through those tiny air holes. Not only this, but the amount of air in the tires also affects the consumption of gas. According to Gillis, by keeping your tires properly inflated, you can increase your fuel efficiency and gas mileage.

Drive Slowly

Speeding increases fuel consumption and decreases fuel economy. Several tests indicated an increase in fuel consumption by 20% due to varying speeds between 75 and 85 km per hour every 18 seconds. Therefore, Gillis makes the recommendation of driving slower, somewhere between 60 to 65 km instead of 70 and 75 km per hour. According to him, this will not only increase fuel efficiency but also help people save money by reducing the added cost of purchasing more gasoline. He believes that a person can save more than 30 cents per gallon just by keeping their speed in check.

Fill up at Grocery Stores or Wholesale Clubs

This is one of the smart ways to save money on gas. Several grocery stores like Kroger and wholesale club stores like Costco offer discounted gas. However, in order to benefit from these discount gas offers, you need to buy a wholesale club membership or enroll yourself with the grocery stores’ discount program. Moreover, by using Walmart+ or Walmart app, you can save 5 cents a gallon at Sam’s club which is also a wholesale club store offering discount gas offers.

Consider Changing the gas you use

There are several choices available at the gas station ranging from less expensive regular gas to mid-grade to premium gas. You need to make a wise decision regarding the kind of gas you are pumping in your vehicle. Pumping regular gas does not mean that you are compromising on quality nor does using a premium gas guarantee that you will be saving fuel or experiencing the better performance of your vehicle or improving mileage. Cars that are meant to run on regular gas do not benefit from premium gas, therefore, there is no need to put a strain on your pocket by pumping premium gas into your vehicle.

Choose a Different Method of Payment

The mode of payment you choose, be it credit card, debit card, or cash, might help you in saving a couple of cents per dollar. Several stores have discount offers on credit or debit cards that you can benefit from. Moreover, depending on where you shop from, paying by cash might help you in saving 5 to 10 cents a gallon.

We cannot control the rising prices of gasoline. However, what we can do is make smart choices to lower the pressure from our pockets. By implementing some of these tips in our daily life, we can save if not much but some proportion of our hard-earned money.

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